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What does the 'i' stand for in iPhone, iPod etc?

Asked by issinoho (85points) March 15th, 2008 from iPhone

its being used by other companies other than apple. Mitstubishi made an icar, the BBC has an iplayer . So what is the ‘i’ ?

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I believe it stands for ‘interweb’

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I was thinking intelligent. But I could be wrong

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Yeah, it stands for internet. The first iMac was designed for the internet.

The i always gives me a feeling of “I do this for you”. Like iWeb: “I make websites for you”, iPhone: “I phone people”, you know?

Also see: he-i-in-ipods-itunesiphoneetc-stand-for/

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“I” like to think of it as I meaning all “mine”.

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Started out internet, now I think it’s just taken off as sort of a cultural thing (e.g. the iGeneration) tying everyday life products to computer and internet use? I… don’t know where I was going with that.

It’s just a hip thing to do.

Like dropping the e from the er in the end of your site’s name.

Yeah I’m looking at you, flickr, you trend settr you.

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the original imac, released in 1998, was marketed around the concept that it was the easiest computer to connect to the internet. in ‘98, the internet was still something that most people didn’t use regularly, and so the idea of a computer that was “internet ready” was hip and new. the i stood for internet, but it also stood for “I” as in “me”. the imac was designed to make the personal computer feel more personal, and make the user feel like the computer was working for them, not against them.

all the other apple i- products came after that.

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