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Your favourite hour of the day? Why? What do you do then?

Asked by zenele (8242points) May 24th, 2010

Mine’s about now: 2 a.m. to 4 a.m.

Quiet. Really quiet.

I’m focused and alert.

I’m creative.

I’m not sleepy.


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5 o’clock.
Cuz that’s when all the drinkin’ starts, ya know. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

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The hour when I get home from work, it’s just really relaxing and I have a drink and sit down.

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5:30–6:30 am as I am alone and able to sort through the many thoughts churning in my skull. Cup of coffee feet up on my recliner…nothing better for weeding through the brain chaos.

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This is highly variable for me. It depends on the day and circumstance. If I’m at school, it depends on my class schedule and workload because my day is structured based on that. At home though, where I am now for the summer, with no obligations for the time being, I have two favorite times. The morning (really, the early afternoon :P) when I wake up, eating a leisurely breakfast in front of the TV.
I also really like the late night time. After midnight, it’s very quiet in my house and I savor the solitude and silence. Or, if I’m with friends, we’re probably up having a good time.

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During the week, the hour when I go to bed.
During the weekend, the hour when I wake up, all refreshed.

I love my sleep.

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I have to say around 7am, because my boyfriend gets home from work, and I get to spend a little bit of time with him before he goes to bed.

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I like sunrise when it’s quiet and I can sit with my coffee and the paper and sunset when I am on my boat.The light is beautiful and the water is usually calmer.

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2–4AM. That is when I get home. I can walk my dogs without worrying about all the nosy neighbors wanting them on a leash…even when their dogs run the town at will.

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I would have to say 11pm-12am because this is the hour in which I go to sleep every night. Its nice because I am in my bed alone, lights off, music playing, and I can hear frogs croaking (or rain) Its soo peaceful I love it.

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Sunrise is my favorite time of the day. I appreciate the newness of it.

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A half hour before the sun rises and through to sunrise. No matter what happens in life the sun rises every day.

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10am on a non-workday….just about the time I am waking up and lazing around in the bed half asleep. I like being able to go to bed alone and wake up alone. Makes me wonder if I’ll ever want another permanent relationship, I enjoy that time so much.

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all day im happy, no problems in my life

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@who_i_am You’ll fit right in here under the sea. Welcome to flutherville.

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The minute I awake to the minute I fall asleep. Many many hours there. They are all my favourite. I love life.

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After midnight, when the house is still. Hubby is asleep next to me, my fur babies are asleep closeby, hugged up and I feel safe in the knowledge that those I love are safe and sound.

I love the feeling in our home late at night, I love the quiet, the calm and the stillness. The feeling of security of having hubby close, knowing that nothing bad can happen when he’s there, because he just won’t let it. I’m a lucky person and im very grateful for it. This is such a lovely question honey, and a GQ too,
hugglys xx

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Not sure if I have a favorite? I love seeing the bright sun, but it is not quite crazy hot yet, so that might be around 11:00am on a summer’s day. Another favorite is when the house is calm and I spend time with my husband, around 7:00pm, when the chaos of the day is drifting away from our thoughts and before we are getting sleepy. I am not an early morning person. If I am awake before 8:00am, which lately is most days, I am kind of pissed.

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8 am during the summer. the light is perfect, it’s warm, birds are chirping, it’s not too early but it’s early enough that the streets aren’t crowded and you still feel accomplished because you’ve gotten up by 8 am. or, ahem, at least i do. so yeah. and lucky me, it’s 8:22 am right now and the most beautiful day ever.

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Usually after about 8pm I start to relax. I feel less anxious around that time than I do during the day and I can usually start to put things that have bothered me during the day into perspective.

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6AM. I get off of work and I get to go home to sleep with my girlfriend. LOL people who work normal hours don’t like mornings but getting home when the sun comes up.. something special about that knowing that your day is complete so u can go to sleep.

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I like being up when everything else is still. I love to write or read…but, it makes for a sleepy morning.

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I like about 5–6 am. The day is new, the sunrises are always spectacular, time to have a walk with my mate and the dogs or have a run with the young dog. It’s all good, too early for anything to have wrecked it yet!!!

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