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How do I add Fluther to my iPhone?

Asked by GracieT (7309points) May 25th, 2010

I may have asked this before, I was using my iPhone. My question is how do I download the app to use Fluther on my iPhone?

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I just use the Safari browser and when I Fluther from my phone. I presume you can download the Fluther app from the appstore, but others will know more about that.

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I do NOT suggest that you use the Fluther app. (With all due respect to the original makers the app has not grown with Fluther and is rather buggy and difficult to navigate.)

Your best bet is to use the mobile site:

Using safari type in:

Once there press your ”+” button on bottom and choose ”Add to Home Screen

Then you have Fluther on your iPhone.

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I should add that another fun page to add to your iPhone screen was made by our awesome member @johnpowell.

It is an RSS feed that shows all the recent questions in all tabs. Here it is:
You can add it to your home screen too.

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When I was a new iPhone user I made the mistake of downloading and using the Fluther app. Don’t make the same mistake. Seriously.

There are severe limitations which will not make for a pleasant experience.

Follow the advice above or just leave a Safari page open to Fluther. That’s what I do and it works just fine.

The reason I don’t make it into a button rather than a bookmark is because there is a limit to how many apps can be put on the phone at one time. Every button I have has to earn their place and justify it’s taking up space.

Since Fluther is really a website (rather than an app) it can be accessed through the browser. For me, that means it’s not necessary to devote a button to it.

But you may feel differently and can decide what works for you. Not everyone is as much of an appaholic as I :)

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