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Are you a paying "guest" of and has it been worthwhile for you?

Asked by MagicalMystery (900points) May 25th, 2010

i get emails all the time about “someone you know has signed your guestbook” and stuff like that from i don’t necessarily want to pay for some other site that is just going to bill me monthly and use me to target advertising. however, i have to admit i am curious who i know that may be on it.

I see they have different levels of membership, of course, each one costing more but supposedly giving you more access to info.

Do you “do” and do you like it? i am tempted but want some testimonials to help me decide.

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I pay $9 a year, So no biggie, and it is cool. Sometimes. :)

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I’m sure facebook does more than that, and it’s free.

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Yeah – I was wondering why you wouldn’t just use Facebook, too.

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No. I once took a free trial membership, and I regretted having done so. immediately started to bury my email inbox under a steady stream of annoying, worthless messages. I cancelled my membership, but the email messages kept coming. I had to tag for spam and automatic deletion.

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On facebook, they have an app that will search for your classmates by school and graduating year.

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Unlike Facebook, Classmates focuses on classmates. Without all the other “stuff’ that comes along with facebook. I find facebook tiresome.

People go to classmates to meet up with classmates. Plenty of people on facebook that leave that information out of their profile.

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Anyone from my high school days that I would consider worth money to find again would already still be a friend. Anyone who I’ve let slip from my radar for so long, I obviously don’t care enough about to even bother sending an email once a year or so. So how could I possibly care enough to spend actual cash to rekindle a friendship that meant that little in the first place?

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Classmates only sends you those emails about your “guestbook” to entice you into joining. I mean, what if your secret high school crush signed your guestbook?! What if it was some super popular person of the opposite sex that you were convinced didn’t know of your existence? You just have to find out!

Once, I finally caved in and started to sign up for a paid membership. After I started the process, I changed my mind and tried to navigate away from that page. Another box popped up begging me not to be too hasty (or something like that) and inviting me to sign up for a free trial. I did, saw who signed my guestbook very anticlimactic then immediately canceled the membership. Unlike @Primobabe , I didn’t have a problem with annoying email messages. Now, when I get the emails about someone signing my guestbook, I just delete them.

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It was ok long ago. Facebook will put you in touch with many more alumni from your graduating class and it’s free.

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No. I registered once, but to actually do anything there you have to pay which I wasn’t willing to do. I have found many people I knew as a child on Facebook.

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I never got many messages or anything important until my membership ran out…Now I get one teaser from classmates a week… but I’m not biting.

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The only time I thought it was any degree of worthwhile, was right before a class reunion. I don’t like hype…theirs or otherwise.

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