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Were your feet born equal?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) May 27th, 2010

After wearing all types of shoes for many years, i have just discovered that my feet were not born equal. after a careful evaluation, i have discovered that my left foot is one-half inch longer than my right foot. i have always used my right foot as a measurement for new shoes and now i know why i have problems with my left foot and not my right. one-half inch can make a world of difference in some shoes. am i alone with my unequal feet or is this normal for most humans?

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This is true of everyone. Also with our hands.Strange but absolutely true.

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Yes, but sometimes I feel that both hemispheres of my brain weren’t!!!!!

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I noticed this as well. I made a purchase of some heels and the right heel fits perfectly. The left heel kinda squeezes my toes together.

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