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Why is hair in certain areas more acceptable?

Asked by Draconess25 (4448points) May 27th, 2010

A full head of hair is generally seen as acceptable. Multitudes of body hair is not.

I know there are some personal & cultural exceptions, but this seems to be the verdict for the most part.

Why is that?

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Maybe it reminds us of where we are from, evolutionarily speaking.

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It is totally a matter of fashion and it changes through the ages.

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I must admit! I’m not fond of women with hairy chests ;-) Lol……

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@Scooby Same! Now, several feet lower, I don’t mind…. XP

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Ditto, I’m a bit of a jungle fighter on the side so I don’t mind that either!! ;-) Lol….

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We are not neanderthal anymore lol. We are a new, professional, sleek and smooth upgrade.

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I reckon Sarah Jessica Parker should grow a beard.A monumental improvement it would make ,aesthetically speaking anyway.

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I could happily live my life never shaving my legs again, but when I wear a skirt, it just looks wrong to me. Conditioning, I assume. However, I prefer my underarms to be shaved as it seems that they hold less of my sweaty smell when they’re bare. Even with deodorant.

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Agree with @Draconess25 . Femme au jus for me.

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@Lightlyseared Yes, but why is it considered fashionable?

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Why are boy shorts and over the knee socks fashionable this year? And what’s with all the cat suits all of a sudden?

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@Lightlyseared Well, I just wear whatever I want. I had no clue any of that was fashionable.

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@Blackberry We are a new, professional, sleek and smooth upgrade

You planning to wax your back this summer, Lamar? :-)

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land lol! can I borrow that one?!!

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@Primobabe I don’t have to, I don’t have much hair.

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@faye Sure. I think the quote is from “Joy of Sex”.

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