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Which brand of pants is the cheapest?

Asked by killerkadoogen (418points) May 29th, 2010

I am looking for decent but inexpensive pants.. which brand is the cheapest and where do you get them?

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WalMart, of course.

If you are really low on cash, seek a Goodwill Store or Thrift Store. you’d be surpised what you can find there and the price is right.

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What type of pants are you looking for? What I’ve done in the past is spend a day trying on specific brands, noting the style number and size then looking online using the google shopping search feature. It’s worked well to find the particular cut and color of Levi’s I like and to actually get them in a size that will fit me.

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Decent and inexpensive are arbitrary terms; decent for working at McDonald’s is different than decent for a summer job in a law firm. Likewise, if you are a slave to certain labels, then inexpensive could be $40 for a pair of $120 pants. Also, are you male or female? Your interests would indicate male, but on Fluther, it’s not safe to assume.

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Male usually i just were dickies.. theyre like 20$ good for work but also pass as dress pants when you put on a sweater.. but right now even dickies are alittle pricey for me and im gettin way to skinny for all the pants i got..

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i guess its off to goodwill i go..

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I wear dickies work pants mostly. They are seventeen bucks at Wal-Mart or most other clothing stores. They are tough. They come in basic colors like khaki, black, grey, brown.
Cheaper than that is thrift stores. You can usually get some khakis that are similar to dickies for 2–6 bucks.


I don’t know which brand of pants is the cheapest, but I can tell you that those terrible looking jeans that a lot of young people wear—- with all the rips and holes in them——LOOK the cheapest!! Lol!

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<mrshinyshoes LOL anyway even tho i dont really like walmart i found puritan’s there for 10$ a pair.. they’re pretty comfortable i am prolly gonna go back and buy like 10 pairs…

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The ones of the producers who are most aggressive when exploiting their workers making the pants. China comes to mind.

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