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Does anyone here have Mozzila Thunderbird for their email set up?

Asked by Val123 (12684points) June 1st, 2010

And is it causing you problems? Mine seems to lock up my computer on a regular basis…...

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really? I have it for all my computers, PC and Mac alike for at least a year now, and it seems to be doing fine. Perhaps uninstall and reinstall?

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@lifeflame K….I’ll try that, but will I lose my stuff?

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i really am not an expert, but here’s a “how to” backup and transfer:

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Saved! Thanks!

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@lifeflame Uninstalled and reinstalled, and so far it looks good. However, I didn’t really need the link you sent. I started with that, and wound up confused, as I never could access the file I downloaded. So, I just cold cocked TB (and Firefox by mistake!) then reinstalled both, and everything came back up with my files intact. It maybe that the TB back up file I installed did that for me, but I just couldn’t tell.

Anyway, it sure looks like things have improved a LOT! Thanks so much!

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congrats. nothing like a house-clean.

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