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How can one obtain university level textbooks from Canada if your not signed up for classes?

Asked by talljasperman (21822points) June 2nd, 2010

It’s not the dark ages anymore… people should be able to get up-to-date materials from universities without paying $10,000 a year just to get the right to buy textbooks from them…my provincial library system mostly only has pop culture science books… What happened to the advanced math books, the astrophysics… where can a Canadian get textbooks that are master’s level or higher without signing up for classes….E-bay doesn’t have what I’m looking for either.

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There are loads of resources online for buying textbooks, no enrollment required. You could pay a visit to the university bookstore, see what they have and what’s required for certain classes, then order them online. I never buy textbooks from the bookstore if I can help it, I just refuse on principle. First of all, it’s a total racket. The publishing companies put out new editions every year or two so you can’t sell back your books, even though the changes are usually minimal. Even if you can sell them back, you get a paltry fraction of what you paid originally. I’m appalled that they take advantage of a population that doesn’t have much money to begin with (students).

Anyway, the first site I usually check is There’s also,, Textbooks at, Textbooks at AbeBooks,, ValoreBooks, Textbooks at Barnes & Noble, and loads more. :)

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I buy all my textbooks from Amazon. My university bookstore charges more than Amazon does and I get free shipping with Amazon (but not my university).

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