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Which is better xm or Sirius radio and why?

Asked by Thesilvertiger (264points) March 16th, 2008 from iPhone


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I’ve had both and XM is far superior.

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I have xm, but where can I get a “mobile” sirius radio, and how much are they?

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both r merging so it doesn’t matter

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The propose merger actually doesn’t affect anything in the near future. First of all, the merger has been stalled for months and no one is sure when (or even if) it will get approved. Secondly, it will take a very long time for XM and Sirius to merger their content after the merger. Satellite bandwidth is very limited. Neither XM’s nor Sirius’ satellite will be able to broadcast all content from both providers. They will need to pick and choose stations/content, which means your favorite station could be going away. Or, they will need to make radios that can receive both satellite signals. This will be a slow process, since they will be very hesitant to make customers buy new radios.

As far as which is better, it all depends. I have Sirius because I’m a soccer fan and Sirius covers the EPL. But I’ve been disappointed in the lack of games and the shallow library on the music stations. But if you want Howard Stern or NASCAR, you have to pick Sirius. More music and baseball? Go with XM.

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I would go with XM. Because, they have baseball. And they don’t have Howard Stern.

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XM, no doubt. More diversity and better programming.

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