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Could Lucid Dreaming effect my brain?

Asked by Haru (6points) June 4th, 2010

I just found out that I am a Lucid dreamer. I could do this every since I was very very young and I always thought that everyone could do the same. The only person that Ive ever came in contact with that can do this is my mother. Does this mean anything bad? Could Lucid dreaming effect my brain in any way while I am doing this?

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you could start sleeping too much and get addicted to It…I’m a lucid dreamer too… I miss the good old days…It’s good for your spatial ability

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As far as I know, I don’t think it does anything to your brain. I have had lucid dreams plenty of times with long stretches inbetween. The only problem I find is that although my brain will tell me it is a dream, I’m too tempted in my dream to direct it to something fun in the quest to stay in bed longer. It is a good way to get lost in time. However I always find I get cranky when I have to force myself to wake up from a dream that was going so well. So long as it happens on a weekend morning, it is not a problem.

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I’ve been told my lucid dreaming is an effect of insomnia and isn’t a good thing because it shows the stresses of too little recurperative sleep. So, you never know unless you want to see a Dr. so they can tell you need more sleep and prescribe you meds to get you messed up and on a continuous prescription.

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Only if you think differently about things because of your awareness that you have lucid dreams. Relax. Many people work very hard to be able to have lucid dreams! It took me years to build up to having them. The only effect they had was that my dreams became more fun and my nightmares no longer scared me.

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What is a lucid dreamer? Are your dream plots so realistic they wouldn’t have to be fantasy movies? Or is it that you are able to remember entire plots?

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Thinking actually creates and reinforces neurotransmitter pathways. So lucid dreams can slightly alter or change the brain.

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I have always been able to Lucid Dream. I never tried to make it happen. When I was little I had always thought that everyone could do it. While going to sleep I always make it my escape from everything else and it relives stress for me. I only lucid dream though when: Im in the car, going to sleep, or waking up.

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I think that is really cool about lucid dreaming I’ve tried it a couple of times. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t effect the brain. What I have learned about lucid dreaming is that it does take a large amount of your sleep . Also that it makes nightmares less stressful, scary, and overwhelming, because if you are confident in your dream you can control it. Last I learned you need to get enough sleep if you are, like yourself a lucid dreamer.

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I have done some reading on the subject and there is no adverse effect on the brain from lucid dreaming. This is a very exciting skill and many people attempt to master it. It’s like being a superhero in your own world. You should embrace it. I wish I could master this skill as well as I have several reoccuring dreams I would like to alter. I have accomplished a few lucid dreaming events but not as much as I would like. I would really like to hear more about how this is accomplished.

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