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How many days of explosive diarrhea would you stand before seeking medical attention?

Asked by knitfroggy (8962points) June 4th, 2010

Gross. I know. But really. I’ve had it three days, should I go to the doctor or wait it out?

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I’d go to the doctor right away if it’s explosive.

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I would only stand it for about a day. Are you taking anything over the counter for it? If so and it isn’t working, I would call the doctor.

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I wouldn’t stand it for more than an hour.

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Did you recently take antibiotics?

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You should go now to avoid the possibility of dehydration. That will cause you more problems than the diarrhea itself.

They will likely start an IV and put you on Imodium, Compazine (or something similar).

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On the second day if it hadn’t died down.

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Third day would do it for me.

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Have you tried Immodium? I would try that first.

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I would not be freaked about becoming dehydrated if you are an adult and not throwing up. Just be sure to drink plenty of fluids. If you are healthy otherwise and going about your day normally you would know if you were dehydrated. Your pulse would be rapid, you might be dizzy or lightheaded from low blood pressure, and you would be thirsty.

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@JLeslie I had bronchitis last week and took a round of Zithromax. I took the last pill on Wednesday, which was the same day the diarrhea started.

@chyna I have been taking Immodium over the counter, but it’s not helping. :(

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3 days? I have a new respect for you. I would’ve given it half a day before I at least called the doctor. I wouldn’t go in… I would force him to give me something over the phone, and that’s because he’s 50 miles from me and I doubt anyone in your situation could make it 50 miles.

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One hour…why do you have this “wait it out” mentality. Explosive diarrhea is an immediate medical issue.

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@plethora I don’t know. I guess because it’s diarrhea. And it usually goes away. I guess I should add I feel kind of bad too, like, I don’t want to go ride bikes with the kids like they want, but I am baking a cake, washing dishes and laying down in my recliner once in a while.

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@knitfroggy Ok. The Zithromax. If it truly explosive? Like water? Or just very soft stool? If it is trully explosive the antibiotics could have triggered a large overgrowth of C. Dificile. However, you should know that Zithromax continues to have high levels of antibiotics in the bloodstream for a few days after the last pill, so you are effectively still on antibiotics. Go ahead and give your prescribing doctor a call if you are nervous, my guess is it is definitely related to the antibiotics. If it was me I would probably wait until Monday to worry, but you should not follow my lead, I tend to avoid doctors. Maybe send a PM to Shilolo.

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so glad I’m not eating right now.

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Are you taking some acidipholous? That might help a little.

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At most one day. The trouble is dehydration and the loss of essential minerals.

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By the way, if it is an overgrowth of C.Dificile I think you need to take antibiotics for that, Flagyl maybe? Can’t remember for sure.

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Might try not eating any solid foods for a day. Diarrhea seems to create it’s own vicious circle, unless it’s interrupted by something drastic like….no food! Stay hydrated, though and take moderate amounts of an anti-diarrheal. Then the next day start with roughage, like lettuce and fiber stuff, git yer insides scrubbed. Probably want to stay away from milk for a while too. That never seems to help anything, even though I LOVE milk!

Been hot here lately, hasn’t it @knitfroggy! Have you turned on your AC yet? I haven’t.

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@JLeslie Yes, it’s truly explosive, water. I’m so sorry people! I know the Zithromax hangs out a few days, so that’s one reason I hadn’t called the doctor. I hate to go to the doctor. I had the bronchitis about 3 days before I finally admitted to myself it wasn’t getting better and went to the doctor. Thanks for the advice everyone!

@Val123 Yes it’s been hot! I was super mad to come down with bronchitis on the first day of the kids summer vacation! We turned the AC on a couple weeks ago. I hate being hot!

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@cprevite I was munching on watermellon. Was being the operative word.

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If you open a thread that says “explosive diarrhea while eating, that’s your own fault :x

I’ve never heard of an antibiotic causing an excess of c-diff. Very interesting. But seriously, I would call the doctor. That must be miserable :( I hope you feel better soon!

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@poofandmook yes it’s miserable! I’m on vacation from work for 11 days! What a way to start my time off!!!! Thanks for the well wishes!

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Ok….you’re doing one right thing in asking. But why ask a bunch amateurs? If you’re asking a medical question, call the person who just might know the answer. That would be the doc.

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I’d wait until one of the answers on Fluther got 10 “great answers”.

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@knitfroggy How about call the doctor and tell the nurse what is going on. Maybe the doc will call in some diarrhea medicine for now and tell you to come in if it is not better by monday.

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@JLeslie The doctors here, anyway, never call in anything for you based on what you’ve told them over the phone. You always have to go in, and incur the visit charge. If @knitfroggy is anything like me, I’ll find a thousand ways to take care of a problem myself, and 99% of the time I do just that….

Can’t resist….WHY does this shit always hit on a weekend?? :)

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@Val123 It didn’t happen on a weekend, it happened 3 days ago.

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@chyna you messed up my joke!! Anyway, it’s almost the weekend now!

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Are you enjoying it?

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@ChazMaz You’re awful. Although I would welcome losing a few pounds.

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@chyna It’s OK! :)

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Probably three days, since I’d assume it was a stomach virus.
Definitely try some probiotics.

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I think if she explained to the nurse that she wouldn’t make it the entire trip to the doctor in the state she’s in, I’m pretty sure they’d find a way to work with her.

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@poofandmook But they seriously stand to incur a lawsuit if they prescribe the wrong thing.

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Immodium may be over the counter nowadays, but it used to be prescription only. I’ve used it before and it REALLY works.

So, if Immodium isn’t doing the trick after 2–3 days, I would definitely get some medical help.

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I hate going to the doctor, but after 3 days I might be forced to reconsider. Now this is the part I don’t understand, they say you have to drink fluids but if the dog gets it they say withhold food and water. Why is it different?

Anyhow when the dogs get it I give them pepto bimal and gatoraide. So far I have never lost one. Maybe you should not eat and try my cures!

Hope you feel better soon.

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@rooeytoo: It’s been a long time since I’ve had a dog, but I thought that was because a dog doesn’t know to run to the bathroom to go, you know? I thought it was more about the poor pet owner having to clean all that up :x

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I’m haveing the same problem. Only I didn’t have bronchitis first, luckily. This is day 3 of diahrea and day 4 of being “sick(started with chills body aches and mild nausea) Unfortunately for me, I want to go in NOW, but my doc isn’t open tomorrow. I actually dehydrated to the point of no diahrea for 4 hours and visual disturbances. I made sure to drink electrolytic fluid at that point. And now my diahrea is still fully liquid but has changed from bile green to beige, I’m taking that as a good sign. When the docs open on monday if I still have it, as long as nothing happens I’ll go in then (or to the ER if necessary) So I would go in if you haven’t already. Just so you dont have to deal with it over the weekend!

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So, how are you now @knitfroggy?

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I’m better! I still had it yesterday, but today, I’m a-ok! Thanks for asking @Val123 !

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@knitfroggy So glad to hear it! Did you go to the doc, or what?
Now I feel sick. My turn!

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