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How to get back purchased iTunes music?

Asked by efritz (3240points) June 5th, 2010

Yes, I checked the iTunes website and they said songs can only be downloaded once . . . is there any possible way around this?

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There should be a record of the songs you’ve purchased in the store section it should look like this:
itunes store
You should be able to go into the menu from there and recover your songs.
If you can’t, another thing I noticed is when I switched computers, when you authorize a new one, you have the option of restoring the songs you would have lost in the switch. So you can try de-authorizing and re-authorizing your computer.

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Go to Check Downloads.

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@judochop oh yeah, totally forgot that one. Probably easier to do that before trying what I said.

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I lost my purchased music and contacted Apple. They allowed me a one time free re-download because I was backing up and that was lost as well. It may not work for everyone and I certainly didn’t expect Apple to help me but it never hurts to ask. Apple came through for me and saved me big time.

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stuff like this is why I went back to hard copies. I just feel like it’s more secure

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@Resonantscythe there is no such option to redownload your songs.

@judochop “Check Downloads” simply checks to see if you’ve downloaded the songs you purchased. It does not allow you to download them again.

@efritz Your only option, if you failed to create a backup, is to contact Apple, either through the Apple Store or their support website, and request a one-time re-download authorization.

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Apple will let you re-download the songs for free as long as you have a record of purchasing them.

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