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If you were to join in Mastermind, what would be your chosen specialism?

Asked by rebbel (28641points) June 5th, 2010

In England they have this quiz show on television, Mastermind.(TV_series)
Maybe there is an version of this quiz in your country too?
The contestants have to answer a set of questions in two rounds: a general knowledge round and a round with questions on your specialized subject.
If you would join, what would be your chosen specialism?

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All of them. I cannot be beaten at trivia of any sort.

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rebbel: Don’t choose vocabulary. It’s “speciality” and not “specialism”

My would be on llama behavior.

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edit: “MIne”

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@rebbel: My apologies; I forgot that you are Dutch.

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Childhood development. Or, um, managing online communities.

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No worries, i consider it a learning point.

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The history of the…....i’ve started so i’ll finish… world cup.

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Zombies and fucked up little girl horror movies.

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