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Your favorite sandwich, in honor of Bob.

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) June 5th, 2010

I found this new Cuban restaurant yesterday with a sandwich with beef, ham and chorizo on the crunchiest bread with cheese. The mustard was luscious. I admit I was very hungry, but it was the best thing ever. I almost went vegan…..

But what floats your boat?

grill cheese?

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Grilled cheese on sourdough with tomato.

I like it simple

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The classic BLT.

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Crab sandwich on sour dough, with a banana shake (hold the whipped cream) at Fentons.

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Focaccia with tuna salad and mayonaise.

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A medium rare prime rib sandwich with melted swiss cheese and mushrooms in a baguette and french dip. No green veggies!!!

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Grilled cheese with tomato on whole wheat.

Who’s Bob?

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Reuben, from a real delicatessen

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@prescottman2008 from a real delicatessen

You just reminded me of the time when I was driving from California to Illinois. We stopped in Cheyenne, WY for lunch and asked someone on the street where a deli was. We got the strangest look from this man. Never heard of a deli before. lol

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Hot pastrami on rye with NY deli mustard. Mmmm!!!

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@jonsblond, most people think that’s one of the departments in their local grocery store.

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If I had to pick one sandwich for the rest of my life, I would choose the fried egg sandwich.

Soft wheat bread, butter, salt, pepper and a just-right hard yolk fried egg.

It earned my undying devotion as being my go to food when everything else turned my stomach.

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Who’s Robert Paulson?

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Perfect California BLT (with avocado).

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I like the turkey cranberry sandwich that Pluto’s makes. It’s just as good when I make it at home, too. Fresh from the bird sliced turkey, lettuce, tomato, honey mustard, and cranberry sauce with the berries in it on lightly grilled focaccia bread. Mmmmm….

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Grilled swiss cheese, peanut butter, and Morningstar Farms Breakfast Strips (soy bacon) on extra sourdough bread.

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Tuna melts.

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BLT’s! Yum!!!

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@filmfann- I freakin’ LOVE Fenton’s! We have Leatherby’s in here Sacramento, which is a blatant rip-off of Fenton’s, right down to the crab sandwiches. And although the Leatherby’s Family Special sundae is bigger, it can’t compete with the Fenton’s Special. I haven’t been to Fenton’s in twenty years. Now you’ve got me considering a road trip to Piedmont this weekend.

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Bob_ is a flutherite who loves a good sandwich-

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My favorite sandwich is the Reuben, like BLT’s a lot too, but _Bob might like the Bobby. It’s basically Thanksgiving on a roll and it’s pretty damn good.

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Pastrami on rye with swiss cheese and hot mustard.

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@jaytkay Bob has bitch tits.

@AstroChuck Make the pilgramage to Piedmont. Do not go to the Fentons at the NutTree. Not as good.

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I love a basic peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat.

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Pastrami. As for the rest, I’m open to new ideas.

GQ! :D

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I like several, and they all seem to be grilled. I guess my favorite would have to be a veggie panini, with havarti cheese and a little balsamic vinegar for dipping. Or salmon cooked in Teriyaki sauce, spinach, onion, and wasabi mayo.

P.S. I was just professing at dinner tonight how much I adore sandwiches. Fellow sandwich lover here!

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Wow, so many. I LOVE sandwiches. They’re the best invention ever.

-My chicken salad (dark and white shredded chicken, Tastefully Simple Garlic Garlic and Onion Onion and Hellmann’s mayo) on a soft onion roll with a little extra mayo if it’s after the first day.

-A BLT with not crispy bacon, shredded lettuce, mayo, and very thinly sliced tomato. I love the way the tomato guts mix with the mayo.

-Pork roll, fried egg (yolk broken and cooked through) and American cheese on an onion, garlic, or egg bagel.. preferably from Lox Stocked and Bageled in Jefferson Township, NJ. Best ever.

-Manwich style sloppy joe on an onion roll with coleslaw (with raisins) on top.

-Dark and white meat turkey, cold from the bird, and mayo on lightly toasted bread.

-Egg salad (eggs cut three ways, Hellmann’s, mustard, s&p) on white or toasted white.

-BBQ chicken wrap with fried onions and a little ranch dressing (or Jack mayo at Friday’s)

I could go on. I love sandwiches.

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I do love a good egg salad…..alot of pastrami lovers on here!

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I like simple salads, like my egg salad and my chicken salad. I know a lot of people busy up their salads… celery, grapes, onions, nuts, apples, etc. etc. Nope. Not for me.

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There is nothing like a good reuben sandwich :)

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Go pastrami!

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@jazmina88 That’s because pastrami is the stuff dreams are made of.

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Fried Soft shell crab, on a toasted roll. Tarter sauce.

Liverwurst and Swiss cheese. On rye bread with some sliced onion and mustard.

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Ooh, now I’ve remembered more.. lol

A nice yummy crab cake on a soft roll with tartar sauce.

Panera’s chicken caesar sandwich… but mostly for the dressing. It’s to die for.

and also Panera’s Frontega chicken (or is it turkey?)... regardless of which it’s so yummy.

And then there’s always the classic sausage, peppers, and onions, but I prefer just the onions. Soft roll, with a little bit of the cooking juice.

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@bob_ You should treat us all to a pastrami sandwich just the way you life it.

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There is a chicken place here called Oporto. I don’t know if it is in any other countries or not, but they make a Bondi Burger, which is a chicken breast fillet grilled with cheese, lettuce, tomato and their special hot chili sauce. It is my all time favorite! Nando’s chicken is good too.

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I like sandwiches, but find most of them to be just okay. Good enough to eat as sustenance, but nothing to pee my pants over.

I’m in Italy now, so what comes to mind as my favorite comes from a bar/cafe up the street called Fast. It’s a focaccia round, toasted with brie so the cheese melts, then add cooked prosciutto, onions, tomato, and lettuce. Delish.

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I like a lot of sandwiches, but by far the best one I’ve ever had is from a semi-dive in Gaithersburg, Maryland called Roy’s Place. It’s # 94 (of over 200), THE SONG OF LOVE TM (Eat it and you hear organ music.) << Their description. Lobster salad, avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato, garlic mayo, on french bread. Hold the tomatoes, add sharp cheddar cheese, and run the whole thing through the broiler. Oh. My. God. Soooo good.

Their menu is a kick to read, too. People steal them all the time. :)

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My favorite sandwich of all time is an authentic Cuban sandwich and specifically the one found at Carmine’s in Ybor City, Florida. It is a mouth orgasm.

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@augustlan That’s it! That’s where I’m going to dinner tonight! Or when we have a sitter…

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Club sandwiches and BLT’s. In fact I think I’m gonna go get one right soon.

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Sourdough soft roll
Light spread of yellow mustard
Olive Loaf
Pepper Jack cheese
Horseraddish Jack cheese
Leaves of crunchy letter
Sliced tomatoes, skins removed
Paper thin sliced Red onion

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@perspicacious I’m sorry, but as I’ve said before, sandwich-making is a one-way street. Now go make me one. Easy on the lettuce.

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Chicken salad on whole wheat. Chicken salad with pecans and apples. yum yum ;P

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mannnnnnnn i was really hoping the bob thing was a hitch hikers reference. That would have been rather funny, especially since i was just reading Mostly Harmless today.

not that you’re not cool yourself @bob_

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@uberbatman there are many sides of bob. There is a church of Bob. so knock yourself out.

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@jazmina88 There is also Bobville, TX. It might be a whole city of Bobs, who knows? There are also apparently Bobjects. I don’t know how they are different than mere objects, but I assume they are more Bob-like.

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