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What do you consider the finest battle or fight scenes in movies?

Asked by ucme (50031points) June 6th, 2010

Could be epic battles involving hundreds or thousands, whether it be factual or fictional.Or could be between just the two protaganists, maybe a duel or punch up.Hell it can even be man against beast, again fictional or real.It’s all good.

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Braveheart fight scenes were the best.

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Kung Fu Hustle harp fight is my favorite fight scene from the movie.

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First that springs to mind is Peter fighting the Chicken.

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@rebbel That cock is a hard bastard.

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@SmashTheState Love the way Terence Stamp delivers that & many other lines.Camp as Christmas, funny as.

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Bruce Lee whooping O’harra’s ass in Enter the dragon and this scene from Riki-oh (nsfw)

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@Michael_Huntington A fine example one which I know well.

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i want to say the final battle in the movie passchendaele was pretty epic

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I liked John Wayne in “The Quiet Man” :)

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Band of Brothers – Day of Days – Battle of Brecourt Part 1,Band of Brothers – Day of Days – Battle of Brecourt Part 2.. they was a good fight scene

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@lucillelucillelucille Dat foight went on for the longest toime so it did. De tick oirish fecker did’ne stand a chance, be gorra be gorra.

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The Ents vs. Isengard
The Battle of Helm’s Deep

Both in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Loved it in the book, and I thought it translated quite well to film.

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The fight between George Nada (Roddy Piper) and Frank Armitage (Keith David) in the movie They Live. It was redone, punch for bunch and grunt for grunt, by South Park in the Cripple Fight episode.

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“I am Spartacus.”

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I agree with Braveheart. However, Kill Bill Vol.1 had some of the greatest fight scenes ever.

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I like many of the battle scenes in Kill Bill movies as well as in the Matrix movies.

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What about the beginning of Saving Private Ryan?

That’s always the first one that comes to mind on something like this.

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ya i like that one too
and todays the june 6 too…..
lest we forget what they did

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The commissary/sound stage fight scene in Blazing Saddles..
“Screw You I’m Working For Mel Brooks!”

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Have to agree with @Seek_Kolinahr

Also have to mention the fight between Blade and Frost.

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any fight in Enter the Dragon with Bruce Lee
The Professional, when Leon is surrounded in the apartment by every cop in the city
True Romance, all the mobsters, drug dealers, and cops die with only Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette surviving
L.A. Confidential, the shootout at the motel
Aliens, Ripley fighting against the alien with that cargo mover thing
Quigley Down Under, the shoot out between Marsden & Quigley when Marsden thinks that Quigley can’t use a pistol (“I said I never had much use for one. Never said I didn’t know how to use it.”).

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Last fight in Sword of the Stranger (anime).

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The Endor, Yavin and Hoth battles in the original Star Wars trilogy.
The Darth Maul vs. Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon lightsaber battle in Episode I.

And the ”THERE WAS A FIREFIGHTTTT!” scene in Boondock Saints. The hotel scene where they kill the Russian mob is probably at a tie with this one.

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Oh! Another one:

The Lionel vs. The Myriad Dead scene in Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive. Frappeing zombies with lawn mowers FTW!

OH oh! And the sauna knife fight in Eastern Promises.

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@tinyfaery could be right.
The battle between the Bride and the Crazy 88 in Kill Bill Vol. 1

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Thanks for your participation.I agree with most examples.For the record the duel in the sun towards the end of The Good The Bad & The Ugly & all of the battles in Zulu would be my idea of fight masterpieces.

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The end of James Cameron’s Avatar was the best battle scene, all 40 minutes of it.

And the one-on-one fight between the hero and antagonist was, if not the coolest duel, certainly the duel with the awesomest “entrance” to the stage.

Terminator 2 also had some excellent fight scenes. Cameron is, I think, the best action director.

The Matrix duel (the first one) is also one of my favorites.

Generally, I like supernatural fight scenes that get built up throughout the movie, where characters use techniques they’ve “learned” in previous scenes instead of incomprehensible Michael Bay/wire-fu nonsense.

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