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Ipod chargers breaking down?

Asked by Sandydog (1263points) June 6th, 2010 from iPhone

The charger for my Ipod Touch stopped charging last night – the red light still came on but no charge came through. Tried to see by twisting it if maybe there was perhaps a loose connection, but to no avail.
Worked perfectly for 14 months.
Ive since heard from a friend that the same thing happened to them and they now have 2 just in case it happens again?
Are these things not built to last? From reading other stuff on the net it doesnt seem to be uncommon for them to fail.
Whats the Flutherites experience?

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I’m on my 3rd charger for my iPhone, I love my phone, but apple makes shitty chargers. Try the docking kind of chargers, i’ve found that they work the best…

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Thanks for that answer !!
Must have a look at the docking type as you’ve mentioned.
Already ordered a non-Apple charger from Amazon though,so keeping fingers crossed.

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Why not just use the USB cable and your computer to charge it?

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Cant take my puter on a weekend away or to work !!

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I’m on my third charger cord. It always comes apart at the junction where the cord meets the connector.

But Apple has been quick about sending me a replacement each time usually by 2nd day air with Fed Ex and the shipping label to send it back free of charge so I guess they’re aware of how crappy these things are.

But I also just recently bought a speaker/docking combo and very happy with it. Excellent sound and compact size for travel.

It’s made by Skullcandy and it’s called the Pipe. Really neat. I got mine at Target but they’re also available on the net. You may like it.

Oh the other handy thing is that I don’t have to take off my iPhone case in order to use it like you have to with some of them. Just pop it in and give a gentle push and it’s all set. Very convenient.

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