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My cell phone will not show my sent messages?

Asked by idfk (2points) June 6th, 2010

OK first off i think part of the problem is that i have Virgin mobile and they do not exactly make top quality stuff but i have one of their more expensive phones x-tc and here recently it will say i have no sent messages and it has ben going kind of hay wire per say but it is seeing them and what not i don’t think i have ever gotten it wet or anything but it is a large inconvenience. i checked my settings to see if there is an auto erase and it is currently off i have even turned it on then off again to see if somehow electronically it had gotten stuck but nevertheless i have had no luck with it

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hmmmm… i would try taking it to a cellular store and seeing if they can do a factory reset… completely wipe out the phone to factory settings. That might get rid of the bug that’s in your phone if there is one. It might just be time to upgrade.

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Go to message settings & activate the message sent items…

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