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Why are there always spiders in my shower?

Asked by all4him39 (26points) June 7th, 2010

There’s always a daddy longleg spider in my shower. I kill it, and the next week another one appears. I do live in the basement, but seriously? I ONLY see them in my shower and I’m terrified of them! How do they get there? What should I do to get rid of them?

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They like basements. And you might be surprised at the other little buggers that would be running around if the spider wasn’t their to protect you from them.

To get rid of the spider, you must get rid of his food supply… the other bugs he eats.

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They get trapped in showers occasionally due to the design of their bodies and the design of bathtubs. They end up in there because they are always crawling around the dark places in your house.

So yeah, I love spiders and usually let them chillout in the shower until I need to use it, then I just get em and put them out of the bathroom, because having things watch me while showing can make me feel uncomfortable.

FUN FACT: Grand Daddy Longlegs are not actually spiders but a close relative. They do not bite humans and feed primarily on pest insects like mosquitoes.

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Food in the form of other bugs, damp, dark and just an ideal home for your average arachnid. He’s probably wondering’ what’s up with these giant mammals that keep flooding the place with unnatural light. .

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Because you haven’t sprayed your house with the right treatment. I spray with an Ortho product and it keeps all bugs out of my house.

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@perspicacious: Sounds like a plan as long as you remember not to breathe while in the house.

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I used to keep a Daddy Long Leg—for lack of a better word—ranch in my bedroom. I couldn’t quite get up the courage to keep tarantulas, but I wasn’t afraid of Daddy Long Legs.

The problem was that each morning I’d wake up, and they’d be gone. They always went to the same place—the shower—I think maybe they were voyeuristic. I would carefully catch them and bring them back to my “ranch.”

My house was old—like those camp cabins in the woods where you stay in the summertime. So there was a lot of dust and such above the shower. There was also a single bulb that used to attract all kinds of bugs and moths during the season.

I was maybe twelve when my parents decided to renovate the bathroom. They made it rather cozy, with decent lighting and standard shower facilities (and no more groty drains in the shower floor). When we moved back into the house after the work was done, my Daddy Long Legs were gone, and they weren’t in the shower, either. Never saw them again.

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Sounds like you’ve got a novel somewhere in there among the webs.

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@gailcalled I’ve been doing it for many years with no problem. It dries within an hour and lasts for months.

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Spiders end up in damndest places, but they only stick around if there is prey. I am with @RealEyesRealizeRealLies on this one.

Personally, I just take them outside on a piece of paper and let them eat stuff outside. Either that or put them in a forgotten corner. Realistically, if you kill a predator then you have to deal with the prey that it can’t catch because you killed it, and the stuff a spider preys on is far more annoying than some eight-legged thing chilling out in the corner, so I accept spiders as the far lesser of two evils.

Well, at least until they start hissing back at the cat… which has happened to me.

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I suggest whapping the spiders with a damp cloth before taking your shower for the short-term.

@jerv For the times that the spiders hiss at the cat, I recommend these. If that’s just going to make it angry, I recommend this.

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At least you don’t have Cave Crickets in your shower. That’s what I have in my mine. They’re kind like a of cross between a shrimp and a cricket that jumps vertically, in an instant, and startles the hell out of you. Be thankful you only have daddy long legs.

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@lillycoyote Prey worthy of the bug-hunter!
They’re also one of the rare sorts of critter that will jump towards its perceived threat. Makes things a lot more startling.

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I hate spiders, almost to the point of having arachnophobia, but I know that spiders eat more disgusting bugs so I just leave them alone. There are exceptions of course, I kill brown recluse spiders and black widow spiders, if they’re inside the house or too close to the house, because they’re dangerous.

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time to get some spiders in your house

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@lillycoyote that is one bad ass cricket. Though i must say, im rather happy i dont have them in my shower, nope, just tons of earwigs for me lol

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I don’t recall ever having a spider in the shower, but I occasionally get trapped centipedes. I don’t know if they bite and I don’t care to find out, but I find them scarier than spiders. Those guys sure can move. Like spiders, they are predators of nasty things so I dont’ want to kill them. They are easy to catch with a cloth and put on the floor, because I always find them trying furiously to climb out. By the time I get out of the shower, the centipede is long gone.

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@Nullo I could tolerate their existence, even their ugliness but the jumping! It’s really unnerving. They end up all sorts of places in the house and jump up out of nowhere. How do you get rid of them?

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We occasionally have a cave cricket or two in our garage. I didn’t know what they were until now. Thankfully, my shower is not occupied when I’m ready to hit the non-chlorinated drops for the day.

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@MissA I think they are also called camel crickets. I didn’t know what they were at first either. Have they jumped out at you? They come out of nowhere. They’re horrible little things. They are an abomination unto me sayeth the Lilly! ;-)

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@lillycoyote I’ve had a lot of success with glue traps. Spraying also works. And I am a perennial fan of The Hunt: just you and a shoe, and a hopping bug or two.

My first encounter with the things was on a visit to my aunt’s house many years ago. She had a small house with a full basement, so we stayed down there. And that, we learned, is where the crickets were.
They didn’t really bother me at first, until the night that one jumped on my sister’s face and then crawled down her nightgown. She grabbed it, squished it through the fabric, and called for us. Ever since, I’ve slept under at least a sheet.

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@Nullo Yeah, I didn’t kill them at first, because I’m more of a gather the little creatures up into something and take them outside kind of person, plus they are kind of juicy little things, I don’t like to squish things with that much mass, but then, really, one can only be given mini heart attacks by the things so many times before one decides: Just kill them! Take a shoe, or a newspaper, or anything handy, and just kill them! And glue traps seem kind of like torture to me. The insects get trapped on them and wriggle around until they are dead. I don’t think I could handle that. Once I’ve decided that I’m going to kill the creatures, the only humane thing seems to me to be one swift blow with a blunt object.

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@lillycoyote Put the glue trap out of sight and remind yourself each time you think about it that the little critters deserve it. It’ll be easier to rationalize when you don’t have a cricket problem anymore.

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Eww . What you need is bug spray ASAP . I mean I remember when I was younger I seen white spider in my bathroom, and I covered them with a pillow and squished them. To this day i dont know if it was a dream.
However, I use bug spray for my bedroom. If you use bugspray, make sure theres more than one Shower/Bathtub in your house, if not, use the sink!

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I wouldn’t kill the daddy long legs they are good spiders,won’t hurt you..i trade you because I got brown recluse in my bathroom sink. I like to move someday..i be happy to have the daddy long leg..

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