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Can the Police, Military, etc, force the recently retired back into service?

Asked by RocketSquid (3475points) June 8th, 2010

A lot of movies I’ve watched lately that star former police detectives, retired military commanders and all that jazz seems to have them forced back into service against their will, or they’re given some kind of ultimatum if they don’t rejoin for that one special assignment. (Sure, a few movies have them begged, pleaded or convinced in a friendly way, but I’m not wondering about those).

Can that really happen, or is that just a Hollywood trope?

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No, I doubt it. I assume it’s just a Hollywood trope BC/ normally they do not have a right to force you unless it is something serious – War, etc..?

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In the U.S. military, [stop-loss] is the involuntary extension of a service member’s active duty service under the enlistment contract in order to retain them beyond their initial end of term of service (ETS) date and up to their contractually agreed end of obligated service (EOS).

Army to Phase Out ‘Stop-Loss’ Practice
Thursday, March 19, 2009

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates announced yesterday that the Army will phase out the unpopular practice of “stop-loss,” which mandates that soldiers stay in the Army beyond their service obligation, over the next two years.

In the meantime, the Pentagon will offer extra pay to soldiers who continue to serve under the policy, Gates said.

About 13,000 soldiers are serving under the stop-loss policy, nearly double the total of two years ago. Gates said the goal is to reduce that number by 50 percent by June 2010 and to bring it down to scores of soldiers by March 2011…

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The police probably can’t but the military can. This is one of the reasons military pensions tend to be so good.

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If you are military retired, yes, you can be called back up into service. You “retire to the fleet” and you can still be recalled into active duty. Yeah buddy.

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I did get what they call a ‘secure call’ right after 9–11, but I am a paraplegic so was excused from duty. They need 9 men for every one on the field. Paperwork, logistics, engineers etc etc etc. It will probably happen again, this time I will be too old. lol.

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Military can call back retirees. My retirement was blocked twice by STOPLOSS. Most likely, my psychological condition would stop me from being recalled (I’m a walking pharmacy).

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