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What do you do when you're bored?

Asked by Luiveton (4162points) June 8th, 2010

I’m bored, and fooling around here, any suggestions?

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Rearrange your house, room, wash your car, catch up on emails, call a friend, bake some cookies, take a nap, water the grass, walk your dog, dye your hair, have a beer, go lie in the sun, prune the bushes, watch a movie…...................................................................

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Open and look for new questions.

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Clean. Do dishes, Knit. Read. Get on the internet.

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Fluther, read, fluther, tan, fluther. It seems I pretty much fluther when bored.

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Depends on where I am, whos around me and what’s going on.

If I’m alone at home bored, I usally will surf the web check some regular sites, email, use, masturbate, play a game or so, surf the web some more, masturbate some more.

If I’m at work, I’ll try to get busy, then check some of my favorite sites, email, try to work.

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So, you never masturbate at work? ~

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@rebbel I wanted to ask that, but was afraid to.

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I don’t ever feel bored. I’m usually reading something, playing on the internet, or doing something else around the house.

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@rebbel @chyna I was going to include that in my answer but thought I would wait until someone asked. :) I have done that maybe 3 times in the last 10 years so really it’s a rare thing that I didn’t include. How about you?

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If I’m at home with the family, I’ll try to get everyone to go outside and play, watch a movie or go to the park.

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No, never.

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Lob chips from balconies onto the unsuspecting natives below. Haha they’re beneath me they really are ;¬}

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Read, listen to music, and shop online.

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Clean house
Watch movies

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I usually either read or listen to a classical symphony. Symphonies can be anywhere from 20 minutes to 90 minutes long. :P

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Have a movie marathon.
Write in a journal.
Go for a bike ride or a hike.
Listen to music.
Go swimming.
Go to a lake and feed the ducks.

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Sounds like a boring Sunday evening at my house… :P

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Classical music

Riding my old, loud motorcycle

Killing time or insomnia on Fluther

Reading sci-fi

Puttering around with leather and wood working projects

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Masturbate? Hahahahahah I laughed my ass off, seriously, you’re THAT free? No I meant any rational suggestions. Thank everyone who hasn’t mentioned masturbating! :p

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“THAT free”? What do you mean? Anonymity on the web is great for getting REAL answers.

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