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How bad is it in Saginaw, Michigan?

Asked by RocketSquid (3483points) January 7th, 2010

One of the people I talked to at work had mentioned that Saginaw is under some kind of martial law, with an 8 o’clock curfew and military presence due to really heavy gang activity.

I think he was full of it, but I figured it’d be a fun question to ask Fluther. Is it true?

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My parents were in Saginaw just last night, they didn’t say anything about it.

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if it was it would be on every news station in the country

last news, if you can call it that, I remember reading about Saginaw was a washed up Lions WR from that area was so drunk he passed out in some mexican restaurant and they though he was dead.

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I have a close friend who lives in Saginaw. I talked to her a few days ago, she did not mention anything like that. The city itself, outside of the marshal law question, I have been there once, nothing to write home about that’s for sure, but Michigan overall is a great state, people are wonderful, but it is FREEZING in the wintertime. Long winter.

Did you hear the reason for Marshal law or maybe it was just a curfew, if they did indeed have it for a night or too? Maybe the electricity was out from a storm or something?

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Just your basic Rust Belt depressed area, nothing more.

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@JLeslie They said it was due to incredibly bad gang wars and a police force that was either ill-equipped or corrupted so bad to be ineffective. Although it was a 9th grader I was talking to, so I’m pretty sure there was quite a bit of “exaggeration” involved.

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Ask where they learned that.

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@RocketSquid Oh. Did you try to google it? Maybe, since he is so young, he overheard that it could happen, and he changed the story. You know like the game telephone. I would guess it is possible? We have curfews in FL after hurricanes to reduce the possibility of looting and for safety on the roads due to debris and power outages.

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I live in Saginaw, Michigan and can tell you there is no martial law and has never been in my lifetime here. It is a good size city of around 70,000 and like any other large city there is crime . . . bad in some areas and almost non-existent in others.

I can understand how these rumors begin though. Last month I read that Saginaw once again was rated as the highest violent crime area in the United States, per capita. I guess there are gang problems and drug areas always compound the numbers.

You don’t want to walk through the bad areas at night but I feel safe walking through any area for the most part in the daytime. I would also feel safe in 70% of the city and surrounding areas at night.

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