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Does the apple care program for the iPhone worth it?

Asked by Markos (73points) March 17th, 2008 from iPhone

what can of experience do you guys have with the apple care?

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I would think so. Many people I know that have iPhones have had various problems resulting in replacements, and its only been a matter of months. I’ve gone through 2 and am definately going buy it before the year’s up.

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me too… I’m actually using part of the pricing fiasco $100 store credit since I can’t spend it on iTunes.

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is it true that they will “borrow” an iPhone while your gets fixed? If not you just have to be without cell all that time?

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It’s an insurance program. How much will it cost to fix if your iPhone breaks? How much pain will it cause you if you have to buy a new one?

I’ve only had experience with AppleCare for computers, and there it’s definitely worth it – if one thing happens to your computer in the three years after you buy it, Apple will take care of it.

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