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If 78% of Palestine is Jordan and 22% of Palestine is Israel why do the Palestinians say Israel stole Palestine?

Asked by beancrisp (1102points) June 9th, 2010

That’s it.

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Good point. Actually blame the bloody Brits. Why don’t Palestinians?

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AFAIK, the territory what is now Jordan was once Transjordan under the British Mandate for Palaestina, but not actually part of Palaestinian territory, which basically ended at the Jordan river.

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The Palestinians are being used by the Arab nations as both a shield and a weapon against Israel. Palestinians who try to cross into Egypt get gunned down on the spot. No one wants the Palestinians. They’re like the Kurds and the Armenians, people whose land has been annexed by larger, avaricious nations, and who are now inconvenient for the Powers That Be. Both sides of the Arab/Israeli conflict would like to see the Palestinians just… go away. The Palestinians are playing both ends against the middle, because the alternative is their total extermination and the genocide of their people.

I’m an anarchist. I don’t support any nations. I would like to see every State smashed and people freed to form voluntary communities. This view gets me called a Zionist-loving colonialist by leftists and a Jew-hating racist by authoritarians (and certain Fluther users).

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@SmashTheState Has it right in the first paragraph. Take what you want from the second paragraph.

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@ragingloli not even agreeing on the name of the Allenby Bridge

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The surrounding Arab nations attacked Israel a couple of times and lost. They also lost territory in those wars.

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@dpworkin David Frum said on a recent podcast, the Palestinians had a deal for a state in the late ‘90s and started a war instead. They lost. If you’re going to start a war, don’t lose. If you are going to lose, don’t whine about it.

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@dpworkin They got a lot of it back, too. More than they deserved, IMO.

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@Rarebear Why not? America bitch about Vietnam, Cuba and North Korea incessantly, particularly North Korea. in fact you can’t turn on the news for a week without hearing some gobby US politician droning on and on and on and on and on and on about North Korea and America isn’t being corralled into a ghetto and squeezed into the pacific, imagine if they were! they would surely be the world champion Bitchers of all time.

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Makes me wonder what news you watch.
I only hear about Vietnam these days when people compare it to Iraq or Afghanistan, which is what they’re griping about. North Korea is doing its best to present a present threat – reason enough to keep tabs on ‘em Worrying about what they’re doing now is a lot different than moaning about what they were doing sixty years ago.
We were never at war with Cuba.

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We can also blame the UN, especially the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine, how it handled things in 1947. See

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@Rarebear That view only works if you treat a nation as one entity with a single viewpoint.

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