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Can i switch out ricotta for sour cream in a coffee cake?

Asked by nomtastic (931points) June 9th, 2010

it’s raining out. i don’t want to go buy sour cream. but i do have a thing of ricotta in the fridge—can i use it in my blueberry coffee cake recipe?

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It might work. You may have to adjust the liquids to keep the consistency the same.

If this was just for me and the family and not for someone else, I would try it. Worst case you learn something. Best case you have a great new addition to your recipe book.

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Instead of ricotta, try apple sauce. It has the same consistency as sour cream in recipes, and is often used in low-fat recipes as a replacement. If you don’t have applesauce, you can make some yourself easily from apples: peel them and microwave them until they’re soft. Then mash them and add a bit of water and cinammon (and brown sugar to taste).

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Do you have plain yogurt? I’d try that instead. If you set it in a coffee filter for a few minutes some of the whey will drain out and it will approximate the texture (and moisture content) of sour cream more closely. Or use it as-is, it’ll probably be fine.

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Yes, but the taste will be different, as will the consistency.

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Yes, as @WestRiverrat says: give it a shot. “Worst case you learn something. Best case you have a great new addition to your recipe book.” I might puree it first, in a blender or food processor to smooth it out a little and give it a consistency closer to that of sour cream. Maybe mix in a little half and half or cream if you have it.

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Ricotta and cottage cheese are sometimes substituted for each other. But, sour cream—that’s a whole different taste. I wouldn’t do it myself. Can you? Sure.

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@nomtastic: What’d you end up doing? How’d it turn out? Let us know so we can learn from your successes (or mistakes) :)

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i ended up using the ricotta in a spinach fritatta, the rhubarb and strawberries in a crumble, and the blueberries are still languishing in the fridge. i’ll let you know when i get around to it.

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Ricotta makes a wonderful cake but it won’t be the same recipe. I would suggest that you look up some recipes for ricotta cake such as this one,196,130190-244194,00.html
and see which comes closes to the ingredients you actually have.

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I think it would work fine.

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oh, and i made (roughly) a coffeecake recipe with the ricotta, and added a little olive oil for more fat. fresh blueberries, too. delish.

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