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Issues with my computer/mouse?

Asked by asmonet (21445points) June 10th, 2010

Last night while watching a tv show on my computer, an .avi file I’ve had for years if it matters, my computer froze, the sound stuttered and the image switched to a charming shade of blue death.

I restarted my computer and it wouldn’t boot halfway through. Tried again, and got stuck at a different point. Third time it worked, but now about 45 seconds in my mouse and keyboard will stop working. Not even long enough for me to log in to my username.

I was not connected to the internet at the time the error occurred. I haven’t used this computer in two weeks and before that it was perfectly fine.

I’m writing now from my laptop, but I have important school work on my desktop I need to pull off.

I’ve tried restarting it a bunch of times, unplugging unnecessary peripherals, etc. No dice.


It’s a three year old Dell, I forget the model – running Windows Vista Home Premium.

Oh, and I don’t have extra keyboards or another mouse to try – nor can I crack open the case tonight to get at my hard drive. I am lacking a proper screwdriver. I do know that the mouse and keyboard work fine when connected to my laptop though, so it’s definitely an issue with my pc. :)

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You didn’t mention any codes in the BSOD, but I will take guess, and say that this is a driver issue. It’s not your mouse or keyboard. Try booting from an OS disk, and running the “Repair Windows” applet.

If you can get Windows to boot, then use device manager to see if there are any drivers which can be updated.

You might also be able to get back to normal with System Restore, which will be one of your “Repair” options.

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What if I don’t have an OS disk? Dell didn’t include them when I bought the computer and I lost my cd case moving this week. :(

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I’d say that there’s a decent chance it’s an overheating issue, as that’s caused BSODs for me before. How’s the ventilation around it? And have you ever dusted off the fans?

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If you have no OS Disk, try hitting F8 during your boot sequence, and choose “Last Known Working Configuration” from the menu. Then if Windows boots successfully, go to Start—->Control Panel—->System and run System Restore.

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@BhacSsylan: I dust inside once every six months or so, I dusted about a month ago.

@dpworkin: Yeah, sorry about no error code, I was surprised and pissed and totally forgot to look for one. I’ll try the F8 thing…seeing as I have no OS Dick. :P

Phooey! You fixed the typo but I still saw it! Now my ‘dick’ makes no sense. :(

I’m gonna go try that and I’ll let you guys know!

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If it doesn’t work, come back and we’ll try something else.

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Okay, F8 didn’t do anything. The options I have are F2: Set Up and F12: Boot Menu.
But, I did get all the way booted up this time, only to have it freeze about 2 minutes in while I was opening the control panel.

How much is System Restore going to erase? Will I lose anything? I’ve like never had to do that and my computer knowledge is hodge podge. :P

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This is why I keep a copy of Parted Magic around. (that link is for the USB version and the USB installer.)

If there is a problem with the OS then booting from a CD or USB stick with some form on Linux on it will help you get your files off the hard drive quicker than fucking around repairing your Windows install. Since it sounds like your main priority is those files, I would go that route and worry about the computer later.

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System Restore won’t change any of your data files at all, but it will return your system state to a prior time. You need to start tapping F8 during that boot sequence when you are offered F2 and F12. You only get a brief window just after that for it to work.

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If none of this works @jerv I’ll give it a try, but I do need that computer fairly quickly anyway because my laptop has an overheating issue.

@dpworkin: I’ll try tapping it again, but I straight up abused that button last time. Hang on.

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@dpworkin I’ve often had issues with getting a keystroke from a USB keyboard recognized by Windows anytime between Windows starting to load and the login screen. I have to keep an old PS/2 keyboard around for that reason. Damn you, Microsoft!

@asmonet You have to tap it hard and often. (Insert juvenille sex joke here)

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@jerv: Yeah, my computer only has USB ports. How fucking lame is that? Give me an option without an adapter damn it!

@dpworkin: Didn’t see a ‘last config’ option, chose startup repair? Roughly same thing?

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Try it. “Last Known Good” is faster.

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During the process it asked if I wanted to restore to last known working settings. Doing that. We’ll see when it’s done. :D

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Cool beans. That should do it.

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Yay! All’s well! Thank you!

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Now back some stuff up so that you’re prepared next time ;)

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Will do. I’ve gotten lazy. ;)

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Okay, so ‘all’s well’ was bullshit.
About 10 Minutes later it froze up again, and fucked me over about a thousand more times since I last posted a week ago.


Avast! was installed at some point – and it completely bitch slapped my entire pc. As soon as I was FINALLY able to boot into safe mode again today I removed it on essentially a hope and a prayer before having to go spend some cash on a hard drive to back stuff up on or pay someone to fix it.

Restarted, bada bing bada boom.

I really effin’ hate Avast! now. I googled Avast! messed up computer and things like that and there’s a crap load of people complaining. Fantaaaastic. Thank you all for taking the time to troubleshoot with me though!

I love all my jellies. :)

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