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How do you think the relation on Fluther would evolve if you would be able to see who gave you a great answer or question?

Asked by Christian95 (3260points) June 11th, 2010

I think that Fluther would become a very ugly site and all the fun would be gone.

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I’ve wondered that myself…and, came to the same conclusion. The partial anonymity seems to be just the right mix.

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I agree with you. It would create jealousy and discontent. The lurve system seems to work fairly well here as it is. Limiting the number of points you can give any one person is also a good idea.

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I think it doesn’t matter who gives a GA.

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I think it works perfectly well as it is now. I’m not bothered about lurve, I just love contributing to Fluther.

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I’ve wondered sometimes, but the bad outwieghs the good in my theory.

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Very often we can guess.

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It’d be weird. You’d lose the kind of honesty that a site like this functions on.

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It is not something that I would want.

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I don’t think I’d like that option. I prefer the anonymity when lurve is given.

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If they allowed you to see who flagged a post of yours, I’d be all “oh no you didn’t!”

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it would be more personal and people would group and share their opinions therefore it wouldn’t be a free response but a biased one. Fluther is perfect the way it when it comes to great answers responses.

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A. I like fluther without the points.
B. We max out at 100 (or something) anyway.

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It would be severely damaged. I don’t think such a thing is contemplated. The fluthergods are too wise to make such a change.

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I don’t think it would lead this site to become a very ugly site but I’d like it less.

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That would suck ass.

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@Symbeline Heh, you reminded me of this (NSFW-ish).

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Haha I love Cyanide and Happiness. There’s nothing in this wolrd that’s as classic as that.

So you’re dead then? ’‘squeeze’’

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Yes, system is great now. I like the anonymity of the points, and I like option of also making personal contact or recognition through writing “I agree” via posts or PM. The “thank so and so…” link is also a great addition, I always feel a deep sense of gratitude to people who take the time to answer my questions and feel a personal connection to people to write great responses.

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I like the system the way it is now. When I’ve received some great answers…all together in a bunch…I just let people know I’ve sent Lurve to them. I’m really grateful for answers (especially when I’m searching for a “how to” or “where to”). I find the sense of community on here to be just fine the way it is. I don’t care about the points as much as community.

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I’m glad we all agree, because it’s never gonna’ happen. :)

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@augustlan Never say never XD

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If a guy keeps giving me GA on everything or GQ I would feel stalked, then again who would??? :)

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Possibly me. But then I GA everyone as I don’t see that good.

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jajajajaj, oh I am addicted to fluther, itt just makes me smile everyday!

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