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Can I beat eggs as if I'm making scrambled eggs, but keep them in the fridge like Egg Beaters?

Asked by poofandmook (17277points) June 11th, 2010

do they keep well? And if so, for how long? Does it matter if I add milk?

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The best I can do it send you to this link. I suspect it would be the same 2–4 days that raw whites and yolks would stay fresh. And I don’t think it would matter if you added milk.

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I wouldn’t keep shelled, beaten eggs in the refrigerator much longer than three days, and only if they were well sealed in storage. The milk wouldn’t make any difference. You might be able to freeze it for a longer time in the proper container.

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I wouldn’t do it more than one day, no matter what someone says. I just like things fresh. And, how hard is it to crack a coupla eggs? I guess you have your reasons…I’m sure the others are correct.

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@MissA: My reason is because the kitchen is downstairs, and I have a little college fridge in my apartment… but the temperature thing is testy so if I don’t watch, things freeze… and then if I turn it down but then take a lot of stuff out, the temperature isn’t cold enough. I try not to keep anything more than drinks and ketchup and stuff in there so it doesn’t spoil. That way I can make eggs in my little Redi Set Go machine thingie without having to go up and down two flights of stairs.. I don’t really have the room to be washing bowls and stuff either.

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@poofandmook I suggest you cook several servings in advance and keep them in your fridge.

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No. They will lose the air that you beat into them and be flat when you cook them. I would not do it for this reason alone. I also would think they would spoil when out of the shell and uncooked.

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I’m always trying to find the easiest, laziest, cheapest way of doing something… and that lazy thing goes double if we’re talking about something I do in the morning before work, because I spend as much time in bed as I possibly can before being late. I guess if I really want to be that lazy I should just buy Egg Beaters lol

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Eggs keep much better in their own shells. I would only crack and whisk them as needed. They’ll taste much better.

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