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Is it possible to get a muscle cramp right below the rib cage and would it feel like a rock?

Asked by Pandora (29756points) June 11th, 2010

I’ve been sitting here typing and all of a sudden I feel uncomfortable under the right side of my rib cage. I stood up and it feels really hard on that side. It doesn’t feel like a muscle cramp but rather like a large rock is sitting there. The other side is soft an not painful. It hurts to press it. I know many will say to go to the doctor but its too late right now and for all I know it may be gas. But this isn’t a sharp pain nor does it feel like bloating and if it is a muscle cramp, I certainly didn’t do anything to make it happen.
Is there a way to tell if its a muscle cramp?

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Lie down and relax for a few minutes. If it goes away, it was either gas or a muscle cramp.

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I have a test I use for ‘Is It Gas’. You can play along at home. I lie on my stomach for fifteen minutes- not on a bed, but on a truly flat surface. Then I stand and slowly do the side angle yoga pose. Hold it for thirty seconds, then slowly release- raise hands above head then do the other side.

If it hasn’t moved or hurts to much to bend- then it’s probably not gas. If you toot- you win. Well, ‘win’ might be a bit strong.

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@gemiwing. LOL at least it made me laugh. So far I’ve tried @YARNLADY little experiment. The pain or the hard knot is not present when laying down. But as soon as I sat up it was back again. Feels like a fist size knot when sitting.I think when I sit it kind of compresses the spot so I feel it more but I also feel it when standing. Now when laying down it feels like whatever it is gets to stretch and so I don’t feel the knot. The only reason it concerns me is because it is where my liver would be.
Can you catch a cramp in your liver ? I would think if its some sort of ailment that is affecting my liver than I would feel other symptoms.

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Your gall bladder is right there. I’d have it checked out before you wake up in the middle of the night in horrible pain. In my case… I was cleaning a lady’s house and just buckled over, but being the over achiever I am,,, I passed the sucker. The scan at the emergency room confirmed it, and that I had more stones in the bladder, just waiting. The next time it happened, I knew what it was and didn’t bother with the hospital and that one passed too, but it hurts worse than giving birth, I can tell you that!

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I think it is something with your digestive system probably? Could be some mild gall bladder thing as @cazzie says, that is the right area, but if you were having a real gall bladder problem that needs serious attention the pain would be unbelievable as she said, so I don’t think it is any type of medical emergency. If it happens again start paying attention to if it happens after a high fat meal, or if maybe you are constipated, or how long after a meal it happens. If the food you recently ate is more or less in that part of your system irritating that organ.

I also think it could be a muscle cramp. Of course I cannot know exactly what you are experiencing. I get muscle cramps across my chest and it actually makes my chest feel heavy. I used to get muscle cramping near my heart when I was young. I always wondered if something was wrong with my heart, and my doctor said it is just a muscle near that area, not the heart muscle.

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Well when I went to bed the knot was still there but when I woke in the morning it was gone. I’ve been feeling fine all day so it could’ve been a cramp or gas or my gall bladder. Yeah, I don’t think it was gall stones. I’ve known people to get it and it does seem to be extremely painful. But who know, maybe I’m just starting. Always a possibliltiy. But I plan to keep an eye out for any future similar pain so I can let my doc know at my next physical.

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