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Do girl's periods become sporadic after they first start having sex?

Asked by sneakatoke420 (46points) June 15th, 2010

My girlfriend’s period is late, and I was wondering if it was normal for her period to come randomly after first starting to become sexually active.

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(sparatic -> sporadic?)

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‘only if they’re pregnant’ is my smartass remark. Extremely low body fat will stop menstruation, illness and ,of course, being pregnant. I was erratic when in my teens.

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Sexual activity should make no difference, other than the initial breaking of a female’s hymen, or as faye mentioned…pregnancy. If you, or the person you are speaking for, hasn’t been to a gynecologist, it’s time for a visit. It will put the person at ease to find out that they are fine and/or be offered a solution, should there be a problem.

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And please use protection at all times while having sex. Having a baby at this point in your life is probably something you have not planned for.

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Did you mean sporadic? Sex has no effect on periods except that they stop when you are pregnant.

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Sex doesn’t affect periods, except if one become pregnant. duh.
BUT, sex can lead to stress, weight loss, and other things that can and usually WILL affect periods. After i began having sex, my periods were no different than before. I always had periods that weren’t on a normal schedule. Birth control came in to regulate.

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If you don’t use protection, they’ll be about 9 months apart.

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I don’t know anything about the girl you’re concerned about but it’s pretty normal for periods to be a bit irregular for the first couple years of them. Mine were never clockwork until I went on birth control. This of course doesn’t have anything to do with sex and doesn’t get you off the hook sexually. You’ve still gotta use protection.

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