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Iphone Internet problems

Asked by gfizz (40points) March 17th, 2008 from iPhone

why does the Internet on my iphone keep quitting out and exiting to the home screen?

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Wow,I wish I had an answer for this, my iPod touch has the same problem..

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it’s a common problem. Try restoring your iphone, that made mine better. It still does it sometimes, but nothing like it used to. Also, try clearing your cashe

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This is possible if you do not have the latest firmware or if you listen to music while using the web. I hope this helped

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My guess is that it has something to do with the edge network. As much as I can tell, the same thing happens to everyone. Just a guess though.

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Can you give a more specific description of exactly what you’re doing when this happens? In any case, the best recommendation, which has been mentioned, is to do a restore and make sure your firmware is the most current.

1.1.4 has gone leaps and bounds in providing more stability to an already very stable platform.

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It happened to me a lot, too. I asked the same question last week and people suggested that I clear the history and cache, someone also said to turn the iPhone off every once in a while. I tried what they said, and I haven’t had a problem with that anymore.

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