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For those who wear dresses or short(ish) shorts, a question for you!

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) June 16th, 2010

Over the past few years. I’ve gained a little weight and wearing a dress or shorts has grown to be uncomfortable.

What’s the best way to prevent chafing? I’ve tried baby powder but it doesn’t last long enough. I saw some commercial for a cream (I think), but wanted to know what you have all found to work best.

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(FYI: this also happens to be the very first answer I ever gave on Fluther, way back when)

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really tight undies!

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I always wear some sort of spanks (those shorts that make your thighs, bum, and waist look trimmer) with dresses. They help you look sleeker, and stop chafing. Leggings and tights help, too, and can even be worn stylishly with shorts!

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I don’t mean to be harsh, but if it is possible, better than any clothing method, an extra mile a day (jogging) will help you more than you can imagine!

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We just had this conversation at work; spanks seem to have quite a fan club under skirts and dresses. The look in shorts that I’m seeing is cut off skinny jeans or more of longer hiking kind of look, so chafing shouldn’t be a problem, unless you’re wearing daisy dukes (and if your thighs rubbing together is a problem, that’s probably not a flattering length.)

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Under aumor spandex work very well!! theyre long enough to cover the needed area and wont be seen by others. They come in different lenghts and colors, and you can pull them up or down how ever long you want them. They run about 20–35 bucks, but there so worth it! Last a while and can also wear while working out, wearing shorts, or wearing them as a form of tight long underwear… So comfy!!

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and if my previous recommendation isn’t viable for you . . . UnderArmour Compression Gear shorts.

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Gold Bond Medicated Powder (or the generic store brand, but medicated) works like a charm.

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My daughter and I saw this in a store and thought it was a joke…but, it’s NOT. The lady at the store said a lot of women buy it…thank goodness I don’t have this particular problem. But, if I did, I’d know what to buy…

Anti Monkey Butt Powder is specially formulated to absorb excess sweat and reduce frictional skin irritation. It is Ideal for butt busting activities such as truck driving, motorcycling, bicycling, horse back riding, and extreme sports. May also be applied inside footwear, under sports pads, and other areas prone to chafing. Indoors or outdoors, work or play, or on occasions when you sit on your butt all day, don’t let your buns get red, use Anti Monkey Butt Powder instead!

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@Divalicious : gold bond is AMAZING for so many things but I find that it doesn’t last as long as I’d like it to… I need a tiny baby travel size bc that stuff is incredible.

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