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I'm quite new here. what does it mean when someone adds me to their fluther?

Asked by janedelila (3904points) June 17th, 2010

And if I add them to mine? What happens?

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It means they like you, they really like you! Ok, I stole that line from Sally Fields during her acceptance speech at some awards show. It means they like your answers or questions and added you to their fluther so they can show you they like you. Nothing happens other than that. Oh, I think you get two lurve points for being added.

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Typically it means they liked an answer you gave or a question you asked and concluded that you may have similar thoughts on things. If you go to the “just for you” tab, you can see the activity of those in your fluther and don’t have to waste time reading stuff from folks who are not in your fluther if you don’t want to.

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you are pals now.

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It means that if you get stung by another jelly, they’ll pee on the sting and make you all better.

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You’ll get some lurve and their name will appear if you type some words(with @) that refer to their name in your post. I don’t do it anymore. Everyone in fluther are my friends anyway. And I don’t need to put them in my list to make them my friends.

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It means that they are interested in your posts and would like to be able to follow them. It’s not the same as “friending.” Some people use it that way, and others don’t. I don’t.

The practical value is that you can filter questions according to your fluther and see only those asked by people you’ve selected. @Kayak8 describes how.

It doesn’t have to be reciprocal. Whether you respond in kind is up to you.

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It’s “sex” in jellyfish.

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It’s different than the “friend” system on other sites; it’s not by mutual consent. I usually only add someone to my fluther after they’ve already added me. It’s only use here is in sorting some questions to you and access to your profile (if you choose that option).

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^^ This geare comth euen in puddyng time ryghtly.

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It means you owe them a dollar.

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In me power, mwwaahhh!!!

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It means you should make them a sandwich.

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@bob I see I owe you a sandwich…fish maybe?

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@janedelila I’m more of a pastrami kind of guy, if you have any lying around.

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@bob_ ok…


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