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Is it worth getting a 16G iPhone when I already have a 8G?

Asked by minicms (2points) March 17th, 2008
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How much space did you use up on your 8G? Can you fill up a 16G? If you can I guess it is worth getting one.

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if u are willing to sell your 8gb iPhone for a cheaper price I would be willing to purchase it

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I second that motion!

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wait a little while longer I’m sure they will come out with a 20 gig

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I heard they have a 32gb for $500!

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where will the madness stop,uugggghhhhhh!!!

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I’d wait until June… That’s another one of Apple’s magic dates. Seeing as they have a 32GB version of the iPod Touch it’s simply a matter of time before they slap that same drive into the iPhone (my guess is that they’ll do it in June). Not to mention that they might add additional features to the iPhone at that time as well.

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No be happy with what you have or you will chase upgrades to the poor house

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8GB is fine, unless its your main music device, just add a few songs to playlists and sync them, rather than your whole itunes library… save the money for the next gen iphone

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