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I have some white chocolate fondue, what alcohol should i mix with it to get smashed and have it still taste good?

Asked by pikipupiba (1629points) June 18th, 2010

its all in the name ^^^

(maybe peppermint schnapps?)

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Keep the alcohol in a glass.

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Won’t the heat burn off all the alcohol? Anyway, I would imagine Kirsch would go well.

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I am gonna take it off the burner and then mix it

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@ChazMaz use the fondue as a chaser?

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Kahlua. Or Baileys Irish Cream. There’s this raspberry liquor comes in a round bottle, it’s so good. I can’t remember the name of it though….

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@pikipupiba – Exactly!

Or vice versa.

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what kind of ratios are we thinkin here?

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Depends on if you’re dippin or drinkin it!!

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@janedelila you’re thinking of Chamborg (raspberry liquor) and it would be absolutely perfect
Alcohol, like creme de menthe, can seize up your chocolate if you’re not careful
As far as ratios. Experiment tehehe

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Oh thank you @AmWiser I’d have been up half the night trying to remember! Or, I’d have gone to the liquor store. And probably bought a bottle. If I remember correctly, it’s quite expensive.

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@janedelila Yep! kinda expensive but a great mixer. I look at my empty bottle longingly every now and then. (lol)

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I bet you could make something remininscent of Chambourg but much cheaper by mixing raspberry syrup with Grenadine.

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@SmashTheState schnapps instead of the syrup? I think we are looking for higher alcohol content…

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You either need to put in only a tiny amount (not enough to get smashed) or quite a bit (so it no longer a mouse) to keep the chocolate from seizing.

If it does seize, the only way to save it is to put in a significant amount more. I know that sounds paradoxical, but chocolate is very temperamental.

What may work better is to take a lot of cream and mix half and half with liquer to make a nice drink. Then take about ¼ or less of the mousse and stir it into the drink tobthickon it a bit.

Eat mousse and drink matching drink and avoid seizure altogether.

Or spendc some time on a cooking site and reading up on percentages and stuff to avoid seizing it.

I’d pick the first and simpler option :)

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Grand Marnier?

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How about going ultra chocolate and grabbing some Godiva liquer? Yummmmmm I put it in my coffee sometimes when I’m making dinner and mad about my day.

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@SmashTheState thats actually a popular held misconception. It actually takes quite a bit of heat/time to cook off the alcohol in something.

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Amaretto goes wonderfully with chocolate

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if you like coconut try Parrot Bay

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Everclear PGA will jack up the alcohol content without adding a taste of its own. I add peach schnapps or kirschwasser to the white cheese sauce for flavor only. A good Belgian Lambic beer goes really well with cheese fondue (my homebrew specialty).

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mmmmm getting hungry Come make me some dinner @stranger_in_a_strange_land

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@janedelila I’m about to serve dinner right now. I’m about to “light off” a white cheese fondue with braised beef, ham and French bread as the dip. Set for three, but we could squeeze in two more…

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ok, unforseen problem; fondoo is best relly hot, you throw shots down throat, hirts lik hellll. tastes good thoughg. vanilla vodka = winner :) :)

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Iced schnapps for shooters, cools the tongue for the next fondue bite.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land I’m on my way! I don’t eat a whole lot either. Where are ya? I got about an hour….

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VT/NH border, about halfway. Third star to the right, straight on ‘til morning…

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Got room for one more ? You sound like one faboo cook and I’m familiar with the area.

During my teaching years in Brooklyn, I used to regularly work summers at a place in Grantham, NH. a little one stoplight town pretty close to Springfield VT.

Love that area of the country. Also love the whole Lake Champlain area further up as I went to college in Plattsburgh just across the water.

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Agree with @poofandmook. Frangelico is the way to go. Alternatively, you could go with a Godiva liqueur. They’ve got chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, mocha, and caramel.

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What does it mean for chocolate to seize up?

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When chocolate seizes, instead of being smooth and luscious, it gets clumpy and sort of grainy. The only solution then is to add more liquid and gently heat it until the fat molecules dissolve again.

It’s similar to ice cream getting grainy or sandy. The fat goes out of solution.

Same thing happening when a Hollandaise sauce “breaks”.

It’s still edible since it hasn’t spoiled, just a not so pleasant texture.

I’m guessing that there’s probably a YouTube clip of Alton Brown using everyday items combined for a unique object lesson.

He is so good with that science of food stuff.

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In YT Search just input

Alton Brown Mayonnaise, click on the first one on the list.

Cool props, emulsion principles, first cousin to chocolate seizing. Similar principle and one of the main reasons for lecithin in so many products.

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you want to get smashed? everclear’s got no flavor, and 151 proof rum might go nicely.

I was thinking of doing something similar, making a giant bowl of vodka jello, and just eating it with a spoon.

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Coconut rum. Coconut and white chocolate are awesome together. Creamy, sweet, and nutty.

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