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Would it be better if we know who lurved us?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) April 16th, 2010

If we know someone who just lurved us there would be mutual cooperation with that person,strengthen our friendship,balance our fairness in lurving,and of course there would be no/less discredited people. In AB we could know someone/people who appreciate your effort and give you score,so you can know who is that generous person,what he/she think about you,and of course you can always thank their kindness in return since you know them.

As I’m a kind of person that appreciate gratitude and become motivated by score I would be more active in other similar site that full with generous people(I’m not trying to offend you,it’s just how I felt here). I know you might think lurve is just lurve not that precious money,but I appreciate lurve so much as it’s the sign of appreciation of someone and reward we get from them.

So,what you think if someday Fluther create this kind of feature? Will you pro or con toward this? what’s your reason?

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This question has been asked numerous times. The prevailing opinion is no, it would not be better, because it would detract from honesty. I agree with that.

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It’s probably better that people don’t know who gives them lurve. I see it causing all sorts of problems. Kindof like a “dislike” button on facebook.

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I like anonymous lurve. It allows me to give lurve to someone who gives a “great answer” when I might normally find them obnoxious. And I don’t mind not knowing who gave me a “great answer” either. If someone found one of my answers to be stunning and brilliant, they can PM me or say so in the discussion thread.

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No, I like the anonymous lurve because it’s given without any expectation of reciprocation. No pressure, nothing but genuine appreciation.

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If someone wants you to know they lurved you they can always send you a PM. If you really like someones answer you can tell them so that is one reason the PM’s exist!

Think about debates for example. Perhaps you are following one but don’t want to get involved. Just in general I think they’ve got it right. The system isn’t broke so no need to fix it ;)

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I’d prefer to keep it anon. It seems more honest that way.

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It is less likely to be abused if it is anonymous.

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No. Because then we will also know who didn’t lurve us, causing resentment and discontent. I also support the rule limiting how much lurve any member can give another; it prevents the practice of cliques lurving each other into the stratosphere, as has happened on other sites.

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The mods can tell. My impression is that they don’t pay much attention.

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[mod says] Lurve me now, or else the Flutherite above me gets it!

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I yield to pressure, @shilolo. I am a wuss.

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We already have enough jellies who obsess over who likes / lurves and doesn’t like / ‘doesn’t like even more’ them. Let’s not add to that, mmm, k?

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No, no, no. You lurve just on the basis of the question!

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I love a good mystery and prefer adoration from!

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@Jeruba Even without that do you think people here would be really that honest? Don’t you think friend can lurve friend without considering the answer anymore? I don’t think if it would make any differences if we have that feature.

@RedPowerLady I understand that but don’t you think this feature will make it easier? You don’t have to do it yourself and you can automatically reach that purpose. I think coalition and support to one without have to be involved in debate would be normal(especially if it’s hyperthetical debate,It’s a debate after all). I have no intention to fix what has already in here but maybe we need something revolutionary to make it a better site.

@stump Do you mind to elaborate abused like what? People have their own right whether or not they want to lurve something and no one can force them for that. It’s natural if someone don’t like another for some/this reason,it’s already happened even without this feature.

@stranger_in_a_strange_land That’s what we want to know. We can know about this particular person that didn’t lurve us,the one that careless or the one that wants lurve but reluctant to give. I know it’s their right but with this option we can make better judgement about certain people.

@shilolo Hmm…. I’ll lurve you. I’m generous and I don’t think lurve is expensive. I lurve you,and it won’t hurt me at all.

Hmm…. I don’t think all people will lurve with their pure honesty. They might have their own personal reason. How they lurve other people all based on their right to lurve. There’s no rule about how people should lurve here.

I think there’s no problem if we know the person who lurved us if we’re all respect each person’s right and freedom to lurve.

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I’d rather that strengthening our friendship, balance and our fairness not be based on a mere points system.

Fake points and phony levels, I don’t fuck around.
Once said by a friend, Eric, on AB.

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I lurve you. Isn’t that good enough?

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I know who lurves me by who talks to me and the other lurve is just as good too

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@AstroChuck Thank you! you’re more than generous! I lurve you too(and everyone here). As I said it wouldn’t be that hard,right?

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Free lurve in mah basement ;)

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@Doctor_D It’s that kind of knowledge that we don’t need; factionalism and squabbling. At least we don’t have those horrible downrates (the trolls best tool).

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land the no down-rating thing is one of the first things i noticed and liked about this site. :)

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Oh haha I had forgotten about downrates by now. What a pain that was-not so much getting them, but all of us always bitching about it…I thought it was hilarious how everyone was against downrating, that it was never, in any way, justified; unless THEY did it. It was all right for someone to downrate a person, but not for anyone else…I don’t ever wanna see anything like that here.

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@Symbeline If I could give you 5000 points right now, I would. You deserve them more than I do. Even in the worst of those battles on the other site, I’d never DR, just flag it. I hope nobody gets any bright ideas about putting that on Fluther.

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I like not knowing. It keeps the lurve coming from the collective rather than the individual.

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Free Lurve! No strings!

you can still tell someone in your answer somewhere that you lurved their GA, or privatly in a message.

I like to reward the writer of their work in these areas: content, helpful, meaningful, funny, informative, interesting, or if I’m simply in agreement.

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Just let me know if you lurve me. I’ll lurve you too!

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I really don’t know. Not been here long enough. And I assume nobody knows its me when I lurve them unless it is a lurve in an exchange that would not interest most. I definitely prefer it this was, the other way is politicizing, polarizing, cliquefying, and all kinds of bad juju.

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No, it probably wouldn’t.

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I don’t think it would be better. I like the mystery of not knowing who lurved me, i like to think that the lurve is a collective entity, granting itself to whoever it deems worthy

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and that the lurve is earned . . . not just a “high-five”

What I hate is when those contributions I deem most brilliant are unnoticed, while lesser ones get a hit. Sometimes it is because I am too late to the party . . .

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As @OneMoreMinute said, you always have the option of telling someone that you gave a GQ or GA. Let it stay an individual choice.

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I just LURVED your GA!


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