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What was this children's movie with a horrific ending?

Asked by RocketSquid (3475points) June 22nd, 2010

I don’t remember much at all, but it was a 2D cartoon that probably was straight to video. I think it may of had something to do with a circus and the heroes facing their fear.

What I do remember clearly is the end of the movie consisted of protagonists walking away from the villain, who was an emaciated, elderly man in a top hat with a screw for one eye. After the heroes leave, he starts to panic about being alone with the crows, who descend on him, cover every inch of his body for a few moments before fluttering away, leaving the screw for his eye to clatter to the floor.

Yes, even as a kid that ending scared the crap out of me. The rest of the movie was forgettable.

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Sister found it frightening fast. Here’s the scene, it’s from a movie called “We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story”'re_Back!A_Dinosaur’s_Story(film)

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@RocketSquid Wow! You’re good!

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That sounds like one heck of a scary movie.. not sure I am brave enought to click on the link just yet!!

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@sakura The weird part is that the movie itself isn’t bad at all (well, violence-wise, anyway. The movie itself is crap.)

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I remember that movie from when I was little! Oddly, I wasn’t terribly scared of the ending. I guess I thought he deserved it? No idea. The rest of the movie is actually really cool.

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I thought The Nothing from The Neverending Story was scarier.

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I loved that movie when I was younger. Although the endding was pretty creepy…still didn’t stop me from watching though.

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