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Is there a website that shows all the new species we discover?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) March 18th, 2008 from iPhone

I looked on the net and found some but I was wondering if there was like an up to date complete new species website. .... I’m a dork.

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so does a one word answer imply common knowledge LOL

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this website is very good. excellent, but rather new so it doesnt have much.

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Thank you for a wonderful “Web Search Challenge” sort of question. I gave it a shot by typing “New Species” into Google and checking for articles. I found this Huffington Post article here:

The article lists the top ten (whatever that means – most cute? Most interesting? Biggest feathers?) of the more than 200 new species discovered in 2012. But more pertinent to your question, the article mentions an organisation at Arizona State University that attempts to catalogue new species. The name of the organisation is named the International Institute for Species Exploration (IISE). Their Website is here:

You may also want to search Wikipedia, always a good resource. I suspect there is a lot of material out there that you will find interesting. I hope this is a useful start.

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