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Have you ever had a personal experience so outrageous that no one believed you?

Asked by wtfrickinfrack (1347points) June 23rd, 2010

For example, I recently flew back to the U.S. from Israel and had a crazy mid-flight experience. I was startled awake from a nap because I could feel wetness falling on my arm. When I opened my eyes I saw the kid in front of me smirking and various gobs of mucous sprayed all over the window right beside my face. The kid had been spitting in my direction for quite some time – covering me and my entire area in snotty saliva in the process! Naturally, I leaned forward and asked the mother if she’d tell her child to stop and she looked at me dead in the face and said, “You can’t accuse my child of something that ridiculous just because you’re embarrassed about snotting yourself in your sleep.” I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t wait to tell my family about it when I got home and still, they didn’t even believe me!

I’ll admit that it’s a crazy story but has anything like this ever happened to you?!

for the record, I made sure I hadn’t snotted myself before bothering the kid’s mother. haha!

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All the time. It’s frustrating. I was walking in the woods and a rabbit ran across my tennis shoes and untied them. Amazingly, my daughter told me it happened to her that week and I did not believe her. I felt terrible. I’ll post more as they come to mind.

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A spider on the ceiling was chasing me across the room. They often chase me and jump off the walls at me. No one believed me until one started chasing me when Hubby and Adult grandson were home. I called them into the room and proved to them that every time I moved a different direction, the spider moved to follow chase me.

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Well, I think this is outrageous and cruel and unusual punishment but it’s true: when I was in KINDERGARTEN , etc., I walked 3 blocks to school, alone, in snow up past my knees. The snow went down into my boots and soaked my socks, chapped my face. I don’t recall being actually cold; just wet. Dad blew past me in the car. All winter. My kids just roll their eyes. lol

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Before he did Terminator, I met Arnold Schwarzeneggar when he was doing a book signing, and I made a bad joke he didn’t understand, and I taught him the word Cramp.
None of my friends believed me when I told them that, and another friend of mine, Steve, saw the whole thing and told them it was true! Even then, they didn’t believe me.

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I was on tv dancing on American Bandstand once. I spoke to Dick Clark, moving my hands which he mimicked. I told him a lie: that my friend’s birthday was that day and could she dance the Birthday Dance? and he agreed. She asked me to do that for her. I heard she died two years ago so I’m so glad I did it. Only person who believed me was my sister who saw me on there.

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We lived two houses up from Bob Lilly, the Dallas Cowboy football player. His best friend lived right next door and we went over there to a Christmas party. Bob said yes, I could have my picture taken with him and he suggested in front of the tree. I said , “no, in the hallway” and his wife took the picture. She delivered it to me at my doorway the day we moved. VERY nice couple. Very.

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yes, waited outside Sears for a half an hour to pick up an order (this was 30 years ago). This Sears, you had to get in line with your car and patiently wait. About the time i was going to pull in to the loading dock and man flies into the area going the wrong way and grabs my spot. Got out and told him to move and he cussed me out and went into the store while they loaded his car. I complained to the people on the dock and they told me to call the manager. While i was calling the manager, the security officer tapped me on the shoulder and said, “we have a complaint against you trying to get this man’s parking place, you will have to leave the premises!”

Long story short….a man saw what happened and when the manager arrived, they realized they had the wrong man!


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I heard a voice in an old garage once. In broad daylight, it sounded like it was choking, or being strangled, a hell of a lot like in the original Christine movie. I freaked out, ran home and got my dad. We inspected the garage, and nothing came happened. Was probably just me anyways.

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Yeah! This one time in band camp…

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I grew up not far from Liberace’s house in Las Vegas. His doorman would pass out bags of pennies to trick-or-treaters on Halloween. No one from outside of Vegas believes me.

I was driving home from dinner or a movie with my parents one evening. I believe I was about 9 or 10 years old. (this also happened in Vegas) I noticed a man with a ski mask in the backseat of the car in front of us. There was a young girl that was also in the back seat. It looked like the man had a gun in his hand. When my father went to pass the vehicle, the man in the back seat looked at me and put his finger to his mouth, as if he was shushing me. The young girl next to him looked terrified. I mentioned it to my parents, but they thought I was just seeing things. That is a moment I will never forget.

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When i was in kindergarten outside playing I looked down and saw a twig move. I told my teacher and she said, “that’s just a stick jennifer”. After eyeing it a while longer i huffed away. Years later i discovered that there are insects that look like sticks for camoflauge.

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yes, my last divorce! Not going there again today! Today is a beautiful day…not talking about her and ruin it!

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