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Why Does My DVD Just Go to "Trailer" but Not to Play?

Asked by Aster (18231points) June 23rd, 2010

So I’m all happy I get a new DVD. I pile the pillows up on the bed. Stick it in the slot, push Play and it plays “the trailer” or the intro. On the screen it says, “Play Movie’ but I can’t make it go to Play. I tried the up and down buttons on the remote. Is the movie to blame or do I need new remote batteries? Other movies play for me.

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Its not the remote anyways. Assuming you tried pressing the buttons on the actual player. Do other DVDs work in the player? If not then thats your problem. If they do then the DVD is your problem.

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thanks. Yes; other dvds work. I also can’t use the remote for dvd’s anymore since we moved. I can only manually press buttons on the player itself to watch a movie.

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If you have new batteries in the remote,

Check to see if there something blocking the infrared sensor on the DVD player. That the LED on the remote is not bad.

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@WestRiverrat I am going to put new batteries in that remote thanks to you. I’d better have some! No; nothing is blocking the sensor. (ahhhhh the sound of glorious thunder)

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