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Youtube upload quality is poor from one computer but fine from another?

Asked by XOIIO (18118points) February 9th, 2013

Alright, so every so often I upload to youtube and ran into this proble. If I try to upload from my desktop pc, where I render the video, the quality is absolute shit on youtube, but if I upload it from my laptop or netsboot or what have you, the quality is just fine. So, what gives?

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Not sure, but you could try updating your codecs on your desktop PC see if that does anything?

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@SamandMax The operating systems and setups on them are basically identical, that goes for codecs and plugins

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Er…I dunno….tried updating any programs you might use to make the videos/upload the videos? unless it’s a connection issue, or a network adapter issue I really am lost on this one.

EDIT: This would be a good question worth posting on

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Are you using the same web browser?

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I think @SamandMax may have hit it with a connection issue, that includes gaming or using another computer on the same network carrying a heavy upload or download.

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@dxs exactly the same.

@Tropical_Willie I don’t think it’s that, anyways its not too hard to pop it in a thumb drive and move it, I“m just curious as to why it’s doing this. when I upload both PC’s have everything closed except the web browser, and I use firefox on each.

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