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What embarrassing thing you've had on your face, in your teeth, or otherwise going on with your person, that you didn't know about while out in public?

Asked by robmandu (21331points) March 18th, 2008

I dig these kinds of stories.

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When I was in college, I had to have a tonsillectomy and was on pain meds for awhile. It was the end of the quarter, so I still had to go to class for prep for finals.

During one of my last classes, I fell asleep on my spiral notebook and started drooling all over my notes – which were written in ink pen. The girl sitting next to me woke me up at the end of class, and I walked across campus to my next class. I sat down, among stares, and one of my friends started laughing her butt off. She pointed to my face and asked me what had happened – and the rest of people in the class started laughing. A trip to the bathroom revealed that not only were the imprints from the spiral up and down my entire face, but so a whole set of smudgy notes.

That was not a proud moment.

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My penis was visible at work. I’m still confused about how I didn’t notice that. It wasn’t flopping around. I forgot to zip and Moses must have spread the opening in my boxers so my penis could show its ugly face.

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Pretty sure I can’t top that.

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I went into a club with bird shit on my back, I didn’t find out for 2 hours!

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I was at a club years ago and someone whacked me in the face accidentally, I thought nothing of it until all the girls at the club started running away from me everytime I tried to dance with one of them – turns out I had a nosebleed from getting whacked and had blood on my face – it was too drunk to be embarrased thankfully.

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