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Has anyone been in trouble for being on fluther while working?

Asked by hairypalm (889points) March 18th, 2008 from iPhone

I was just told to put my phone down hehehe. Got to go.

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Nope, my boss actually liked it and didn’t mind me going on it, but i also work at a computer store. heh

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im so going to get in trouble! i can’t stop cheacking this dang site!!!! Addicted to fluther?

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I too, am addicted to refreshing Fluther…

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Like a caged monkey with a cocaine lever.

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didn’t get in trouble for using fluther at work but at school. I actually told the teacher it was a calculator. She bought it.

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No but iceblu got in trouble for being on Fluther at a Justice concert where there were computers for checking your myspace since they sponsored the show.

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Since I am self-employed no, but I get in trouble with my wife for being addicted to fluther. I get interested in a thread, and I say “honey come check this out.” She just looks at me like, !~..~! OH Please! I think that she spilled coffee on our computer on purpose, that’s why I’ve been hiding my iPhone from her. Here she comes…...

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yeahhh i forgot about that… =X

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not yet….but I’ve been on here all day today so the chances that that might happen are getting higher :-P

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in conference meetings I get the bosses approval because he knows I take notes with my iPhone. That’s how I keep from dying of boredom. little does he know I’m fluthering.

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amazing! What a pro! 1 Point for riser.

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my productivity went down because of fluther I just now make sure to limit myself to before and after work

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my limit switch is broken. :(

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In trouble? No. Had to leave for weeks to regain productivity? Yes.

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Thank God you’re here! Don’t you EVER leave us all alone with these people again!

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breedmitch! Where did the old picture go?

And I’m really, really not sure I would have been much help, as I scan through the 207 questions pending for me.

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