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Guy Advice?

Asked by bkinibotombabe91 (18points) March 18th, 2008

Long hair? Or Short?? dumb question i know…but i have long blonde hair & thinkin about cutting it…

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It depends on the guy and the hair, honestly. Some people can pull off long hair and make it look good; others can’t. If you can make it look good, it’s your choice; if you can’t make it look good, cut it short. And if you can’t make it look good short, leave it long.

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I don’t have a problem with either. Do what you like.

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How are you gonna cut it if you make your hair short?

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do not cut it. grow it

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Yeah, as a guy I can tell you, short hair makes me think of other dudes so it creeps me out. I grew up in a small community where guys had short hair and girls had long. I could just be bias.

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i mean i LOVE my long hairrr—someoen told me guys like something to run their hands through?? haha true??

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If you love it, you should keep it. End of story. You’ll probably end up sad and dissapointed if you cut it.

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I don’t know.. I do like to run my hands trough girls’ hair. I like shoulder length hair. But in the end, it’s you who’ll have to live with it. If you like it long, leave it.

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Seems to me if you wear your hair the way you like it, you’ll be more likely to attract guys who like the kind of hair you like to have.

Imagine having your hair a way you don’t like and falling in love with a guy who liked it that way – it’d be kinda unfortunate.

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I tend to keep my hair at ~shoulder length. I find it a pain to shower with longer hair and to dry it fast enough; plus, I don’t like short hair.

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if you want a change, cut it. a trim is always a good option!

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