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How to show that they are friends?

Asked by hungerforpizza (247points) June 28th, 2010

I am making a film for school about a girl and a boy, we are not aloud to use dialogue. How could i show that the boy and girl are friends without them talking They are 16, and it must be clear that they are friends and not girlfriend and boyfriend.

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How old are the boy & girl?

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Ahh. So my first response of “He trades his bag of cookies for her cup of pineapple slices at lunch time” is no good here. :) Give me a moment & I’ll post back with some ideas.

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Friends help each other, pick each other up when they fall (figuratively and literally).
Friends comfort each other. They laugh and cry together.

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When I was 16, we use to spend a lot of time just hanging out and listening to music. We’d go out to movies, dinner, or just drive around. We helped each other out when we needed it. We went to school dances as a group. I’ll add more if I think of anything else.

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Sorry to ask more questions, but it helps narrow it down. Do we know how long the boy & girl have known each other? Have they been friends for their whole lives or are they just meeting/known each other for only a few days?

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@Seaofclouds Hm thank you, that’s helpfull

@rpmpseudonym They have been friends for years

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Throw in a flashback in which we see that the boy kisses the girl’s knee which she has just hurt, falling of her tricycle.

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Show where the boy or girl gets a crush or flirtation and the one friend gives the other a “thumbs up” and a smile.

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If you can, throw it in a group atmosphere. Te friendship becomes less exclusive this way. Maybe you can even show a text/note the boy is about to send to her to ask her out, but he gets too nervous and doesn’t. If you do this at the beginning and then show their friendship throughout, everyone will know that they are just friends, at least at this point.

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This would be pretty daring for the film project, but honestly, it’s the way I would do it… no matter what the length of the film needs to be.. 5 minutes, 1 hour (1 hour would drive the point home & really deliver the experience I am going for)... have the two sitting on the floor in a dimly lit room, their backs pushed up against one another, barely audible music in the background & have them do absolutely nothing for the entire film. They can have natural body reactions, cough, sneeze, scratch their nose, yawn, pick a scab thats on the back of their hand. But for the entire time, they never turn around, they never look at each other, they never get up & they never look bored… just – content. The camera should never move either. Just the side shot, with the two of them square in frame. Make it feel like the audience is sitting in the room with them. Let the audience experience what the boy & girl are experiencing.

A great friendship allows for comfortable silences. If you feel the need to talk, just to make noise & avoid the awkwardness of the still & quiet… then your not really comfortable being alone with the person.

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@Neizvestnaya’s is a great answer. I would want to see her/his movie.

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The word is allowed. Laughing in concert is a good way to show they are in a friendly conversation.

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You could have a shot where they’re leaning in close and one of them does go in for a kiss, then they break apart making yucky faces and shaking their heads. That should be pretty clear.

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He could take pictures of her and her prom date for her. Or, she could take pictures of him and his date for him.

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