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The tip of my nose tickles like a cat hair is stuck to it. what is it, and what does it mean?

Asked by mamacat65 (3points) July 4th, 2010

Its been ticklng for a week. No other symptoms, no cold, not sick at all.

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Allergies most likely.

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Its been ticklng for a week. That sounds ominous. But if your nose itches (likewise your eyes), @Coloma has the most sensible idea. Unless, of course, you lay on your stomach sometime and put the tip of your nose on a poison ivy leaf. In that case, there would be little blisters.

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Do you have a cat?

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My mother used to say that if your nose tickled, you were going to kiss a fool. (like itchy palms meant coming into money, itchy feet meant a trip…)

I get this when I’m tired. It drives me nuts. You getting enough sleep? A change in diet perhaps? More alcohol consumption than normal?

Your nose if FULL of tiny capillaries. A change in them could be the most common factor in triggering a tickle. Different foods or medications…. alcohol dilates blood vessels (that’s why you see drunks with red noses and ruddy complexions). Are you somewhere warm? It could be a reaction to the heat.

Benadryl could help, or try an ice pack on your nose and see if that changes any feeling in a permanent way.

Sorry, I’m not a doctor, just a mom who reads a lot.

Hope you feel better soon.

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This could be the result of the movement your longer ‘nose hairs’ that grow around the outer part of your nose. It actually came from inside your nose as the hairs rub each other by wind,and this feeling could be felt outside your nose.

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Buy a nosehair trimmer and use some cotton swabs to clean up.

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How’s your nose?

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This was happening to me for two days and it was driving me crazy. At first I thought it WAS a cat hair on my nose! I searched around found this other thread here:

A lot of people there said it might be allergies. I do get allergies, but they haven’t been too bad… but I happened to have some nasal spray for allergies around and I tried it. The tickling got worse for a few minutes and then went entirely away.

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