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What or how do you celebrate your 4th of July celebration?

Asked by SmoothEmeraldOasis (808points) July 4th, 2010

I know that Independence Day is not celebrated by everyone and that some people celebrate it only to take a day off from work. But aside from that if they started to celebrate it just for that reason, has it meant or has their reason for celebration changed over the years?

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I love to go to the fireworks, but it is always kind of dragging my husband to go. He did not grow up in the US so he does not have childhood memories of celebrating the 4th of July like most of us do. When his niece and nephew were young and we lived near them I would get the family to go, I kind of felt like it was up to me to make sure they had a sense of the holiday. Meanwhile, this year I let him win, and all we did was spend the day with neighbors eating and jumping into the pool.

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I eat alot lol

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We were both sick this year so we didn’t go anywhere. Going to watch fireworks are a big deal but because they were a day earlier than most we didn’t get the chance to even do that. The crowds seem to be getting bigger and bigger and parking is astounding. Not my idea of fun.

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It’s an excuse for friends and/or family to be able to get together and spend time. We usually potluck a meal and then find a place to watch fireworks. .

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Hey, thanks all for sharing, ever since I was little all the family would get together and do a cook out and depending where we were at the time, we either went to the beach or boating, or when we lived near the mountains, we woudl go to the local High School where the big fireworks celebration was for that particular location was and would just hang out and just enjoy the family. This year your @addictionsfb right about there being a people congestion at the local parks. and therefore, there is no parking for your vehicle and no place to lay out the picnic area. :-( so I went to my middle son’s house this year and they bought some fireworks for the boys and they just lite them and we ate burgers and hotdogs and mmmmmmmmm my fave Watermelon. Thank for sharing everyone.

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