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Can you tell the time, by the position of the moon?

Asked by VoodooLogic (724points) March 18th, 2008

can I look at the moon and tell the time?

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Not precisely like a sun dial but you probably could using its positions determining what time sundown and sunrise were.

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Yeah you can. Or you could get a watch! Do you plan on being lost in the night soon?

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@ballbuster I could learn to check someones vital signs by using a major artery and my index and pointer finger. OR I can find it inconvenient that they are having an emergency.

I just want to know, what’s the point of being you being a dumbsh*t?

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Yes, by the moon or stars if you know the time they were at another measured position. The stars are easier to calculate with great accuracy since they don’t also revolve once per month, but for rough observations, it’s not a big effect (i.e., the earth rotates once per 24 hours, so the stars make 1/24 revolution (the visible sky being half that amount) per hour, while the moon also rotates around us once per month or so).

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woo hoo! Apparently, you can even make a giant clock.

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