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Could there be a dirty apartment in my building?

Asked by shego (11083points) July 7th, 2010 from iPhone

I was laying in be watching tv and then I saw something crawling on my blanket, and sure enough when I turned the lights on, it was a roach. Eeewww!!!!
Well, my apartment is spotless. I have no food left out, my kitchen is scrubbed daily, and I vacuum every other day.
I live in Colorado, and I have never seen a roach out jere before. I have been told that you have to be dirty in order to have them out here.
Could it be that there is a dirty apartment in the building?

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if you live in a building that was built a while back then chances are it is just the building. Roaches can be brought in from other places if people are moving in and out. They hide out in TV’s and toasters and things of the sort.
You know they can live for a day without their head, right? Amazing!

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Yeah I knew that, I’ve been to Texas. Yucky!

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Yes, there might be, but as @judochop says, they can come from anywhere and everywhere. I have even seen them on the bottom of a dog food bag.

Contact the landlord and ask them for their pest control policy.

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@YARNLADY you bet I am first thing in the morning.

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As the climate warms, the range of the humble cockroach moves steadily Northward. Those of you who live in the Northern US just as welll get prepared.

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It’s not uncommon for them to come home from the grocery with you. They like the glue that adheres cardboard box packaging.

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BTW… for a small fee, I can rid you of cockroaches. [ smile ]

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I haven’t done any shopping in about two weeks.
Oh shit! This is getting bad there is another one in my room. I got rid of the last one and flushed it down the toilet. I’m cleaning everything and disinfecting it too. There has to be a dirty person around.

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It could take several weeks before they breed enough for you to see them. They’re as old as the dinosaurs.

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You don’t have to be dirty to have roaches. They don’t just appear when someone forgets to clean their countertop. They’re a creature like any other; they look for what they need to survive.

They’re a real pain to get rid of because they leave chemical trails in their feces as well as emitting airborne pheromones for swarming and mating. Other cockroaches will follow these trails to discover sources of food and water, and also discover where other cockroaches are hiding. Thus, cockroaches can exhibit emergent behavior, in which group or swarm behavior emerges from a simple set of individual interactions.

It’s best to contact pest control wether yourself or by having your landlord do it.

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I’m sorry you are so creeped out. I do understand..

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Yeah it more or less is another person in the building that is being a dirty bitch.

Talk to management.

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Maybe, maybe not. I’ve lived in CO my whole life and never seen one in real life. Call your landlord, let them know.

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They can live for a month without food but need water at least once every few days. You can have a spotless apartment and still get them.
Call the landlord but don’t wait. Buy some roach trap and boric acid now and use it.
The instant you saw the first one, it became your problem as well as the landlord’s. Get out there and go after them immediately. They will not go away on their own and they reproduce like… well, like roaches!

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