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In your opinion, what tastes better if it's BBQ'd?

Asked by NaturallyMe (4922points) July 9th, 2010

For me it’s cheese, tomato and onions toasted samis. Doing these with a sandwich press just doesn’t even compare to the deliciousness that is that sami made over the flames. :D

Also, marshmallows. They taste better when “cooked” over a flame than they do fresh out of the packet.

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^^ and hotdogs

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Chicken wings/drumsticks.

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Anything cooked over a wood fire tastes so much better! Same is true for charcoal.

Beef and chicken taste better over any flame cooked process.

I love baked goods made in a wood fired oven – Pizza, Montreal bagels, etc

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@jfos Let’s face it if you ever put anything else on the barbie it’s just to make you look sophisticated. You’re not actually gonna eat it.

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Watermelon. Bruschetta. Flank Steak Teriaki. Ribe-eye. Sausages. Tomatoes. Zucchini. Asparagus. Scallions. Swordfish and/or Tuna steaks (and trout.)

@Lightlyseared I do it all the time just for myself. Face it, you speak only for your dull self.

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@Lightlyseared That’s right. Except for maybe chicken… but Burgers are definitely primary and secondary (cheese and without).

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Steaks, chicken, fish, almost anything.

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@dpworkin Putting watermelon on a grill is like running a mile with two broken legs and a spine injury. Its doing damage.

That being said, what’s your beef with burgers?

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Chicken, Steak, and Corn. I love BBQ

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I love burgers. They are great barbecued. Cut yourself a medallion out of a ½” slice of watermelon, grill it on one side for a very short time (just long enough for it to get grill marks) sprinkle a little salt on it and taste it, then come back to me and I will gladly accept your apology.

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@dpworkin Yeah, and couches would be better if they gave bjs and did your taxes. But then it’s not a couch anymore, it’s a slutty accountant.

I’ll try the watermelon thing sometime.

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I grew up in watermerlon and barbecue country, dpworkin, and NEVER heard of grilled watermelon. Sounds great. I’m gonna try it this weekend!!!

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Corn on the cob. I’m not sure why, but corn roasted on a barbecue (wrapped in tin foil with butter) is fantastic. I also love slabs of eggplant, lightly brushed with olive oil and roasted until the outside carmelizes.

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I’ve never heard of grilled watermelon but I love grilled pineapple.

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For corn: if you soak unpeeled corn in water, then lay the cobs right on the coals, the corn steams in the silk. Mmmm.

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@downtide that sounds amazing.

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Grilled pineapple and chipotle with pork tenderloin marinated in the same equals tacos al pastor. Yummity™.

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Chicken and all veggies..especially corn on the cob and potatos!

Shish kebobs are my bbq fav.

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The French? Poor poor Joan of Arc, sobs.

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And, all the above.

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@ChazMaz No offence dude, but i’ve just noticed the slight resemblance between you & my avatar up there. Got an animated love child tucked away somewhere?

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I will never tell.

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I’m going to post another answer just because it looks like a family album over there <<<<

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(snif) I want some grilled corn, pineapple, watermelon and eggplant !

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The asshat meal, @Aster!

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@dpworkin I’m heading up North for the weekend, shortly. Nikki and I will try the grilled watermelon. Sounds yummy! Git in my bellay!

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Portobella mushroom caps.

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@Everybody – that’s great! :D
@dpworkin – that watermelon thing sounds weird indeed, but i’m willing to give it a try, i hope i remember about it! :)
@AstroChuck – i have a recipe for portobella mushroom burgers, where you bbq the mushrooms too, but i haven’t tried it yet, i can’t wait to though. :D
@ucme – LOL

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@NaturallyMe Yeah go on, laugh it up. Everybody else gets a nice comment & all I get is a lousy LOL!!! ;¬}

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@ucme – oh, it was a compliment. :D

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Tomatoes, scallops, and chocolate cake.

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Pork chops, pork steaks, pork tenderloin, baby back ribs…..pork pork pork.

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@jonsblond The thing is, to be really succulent, pork has to cook for a very long time over very low heat, or it gets dry. For the juiciest ribs, cook them in foil in the oven at 165 degrees for a few hours, and then finish them briefly on the grill to get the charcoal flavor. That way the meat is fall-off-the-bone tender, but still retains its juices.

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@dpworkin You should hear our children and me when my husband grills pork. “When is it going to be ready!?”. It’s definitely worth the wait though. Especially when the meat comes from a hog from the ranch. Yummy!

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@Cruiser – chocolate cake?? How do you do that?

if you’re yanking my chain i’m gonna kick yer ass

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Loll..hey, watermelons…and chocolate cake! Learn something everyday here…watermellon is about 90 percent water. What is left after grilling is my question?

Vote for the usual…chicken, burgers, etc..

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@dpworkin Aren’t you a chef…? I printed your answer off for my husband, BTW. Thanks.

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@Dutchess_III – wonderful, warm melted chocolate is so delicious. :D
@AstroChuck – only if you spice them correctly
@jjmah – i’ve never done that before. :)

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@NaturallyMe lightly coat with olive oil, and season with salt and pepper. BBQ for around 2–3 minutes.

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@perspicacious You can’t tell @AstroChuck to behave!!!

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I would have to go with hotdogs on that one

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